UPBGE shooter


Wanted to share the progress that I’ve been making on this game.
I only really have the main players base right now, I have a few files for the world but nothing I really like yet.
So yeah, let me know what u guys think so far. btw these pics span from a few months ago to a few days ago and it isnt a vr game.


(mataii) #2

Wow! looking very very good :slight_smile:


(Fred/K.S) #3

:scream: WOOOOOAHHH didin’t see that coming, though i did saw a few updates on Discord Blender Server!

This is the best ive seen to date Keep it coming bro
Hopefully a demo fall 2019



yeah I’m planning on dropping a demo sometime when I get a few more things setup for it.


This is a very good project, if you could join us we will boost our game project :slight_smile:

Good job and keep it up !


Started working on the menu, looking pretty nice so far.


Got a bit more done on the pause screen.



(Fred/K.S) #10

Really looking great buddy nice UI



Thought I’d try to do something with this hex thing I’ve seen in a few other games.


(Fred/K.S) #13

I really like the amount of care this game is receiving, all i can say is that its so special and unique there’s lots of creativity in this game’s development which is good.
Really great progress BTW looking forward to the overall story if there is :sunglasses:

im gladly impressed at the progress so far and keep it up buddy.



Thx, I’m still playing around with a bunch of ideas and working on the story. How advanced my enemies are will change a lot with what happens with it as well.


(S-Markt) #16

really cool. i especially like the flying ball and i got an idea: you may use him as your personal shield generator. every time somebody shoots at you, it may generate little neon cthru shield, where the beam travels. you can make it breathe harder the less the energy is so you dont need an extra shield bar or health bar.


Thats actually a pretty cool idea, i might have to try that.


So I thought I would open up quixel for one of my guns and see what I could do with some textures. and now I’m not sure if I’m going to texture everything else in the game. Originally I wasnt going to, but this looks amazing so I might.


(Doc Holiday) #20

WOW! Looking awesome.