UPBGE shutting down when adding linked objects

Problem description: I am trying to add an object that is linked to multiple scenes. Whenever the “Add Object” actuator is run, blender shuts down, and does not give me time to read the console errors.

I’m updating a game I made in Blender 2.61 to UPBGE 2.79.6. The reason for the huge jump is because I just downloaded UPBGE, and none of the other versions of the BGE I have are able to support multiple joysticks. This is a spit-screen multiplayer game and so it needs the multi-joystick support.

The way my game is set up, it uses a separate scene for each map. The players and projectiles are linked to all the map scenes. This way the spawn points in each scene only have to reference a single object, and the player can use the same projectile objects in all scenes. This worked in Blender 2.61, and continued to work after switching to UPBGE. But then I went to rework the weapon system to make it easier to add new weapons.

The weapons are now separate objects that I have linked between scenes. If I enter one of these objects into an “Add Object” actuator, Blender shuts down. What confuses me, is how I have linked objects grandfathered in from 2.6 that don’t encounter this problem, but the ones I added in UPBGE are giving me fits. The final thing I discovered that seemed to be relevant to the problem was an indication that these objects don’t belong to the current scene. Is this my problem? If so, how to work around it?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hey there,

Getting any errors on the console or just plain old crashing to desktop?

Thanks for the reply.

I can momentarily see some stuff appear in the console, but then it crashes. I am getting a few other errors that I haven’t bothered fixing yet so it may be printing one of them, or it could be printing my problem. I should probably fix those so I’ve got a clean slate.

Anything else you want to know?

So we have a lot of linked objects and an almost instant crash… I bet it’s an access violation.

In short, Blender runs out of memory after creating multiple duplicates of each and every linked datablock for god knows what reason. I’ve seen this happen a lot in 2.78 upwards.

Only real workaround I’ve found is avoid linking objects entirely and relying solely on libLoad to fetch assets across scenes.

Ok, I was thinking that I’d probably have to change my setup. I was just hoping to use as much of the existing weapon system as possible.

Thanks for the help!

see if you can get a simple blend to show the issue, maybe it can point to a bug to be fixed.

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If you run Blender from a command line, all of its output is printed there - so you can see the error message after Blender crashes. On Windows, open cmd.exe from the start menu and type:


You can even temporarily disable Blenders crash handler by passing an argument:

path/to/blender.exe --disable-crash-handler

This way, Blender doesn’t close but freezes instead. But as you open it from a command line anyway, it makes no difference.

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Thanks, @Momel. I thought that running it in the command line would do that, but as I wasn’t sure, I hadn’t yet gone that route.

Good idea, @Daedalus_MDW, I’ll see if I can replicate the error.

Thanks for the suggestion, Momel, I ran it through the command line. @Liebranca, you were right, its an “EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION”.

Thanks for the help!