UPBGE sometimes crashes when selecting objects from Outliner (0.3)

Sometimes when I select an item (object) from the scene, it will crash UPBGE for no apparent reason. I actually get a “segmentation fault”, but I don’t entirely know whats causing this.

It happens in any blend file, not just the normal startup file, so maybe its UPBGE itself? On 0.35, this seems to be fixed, but it occasionally crashes when duplicating objects. I know bones cause it more, and thats another matter, but the outliner seems to crash UPBGE 0.3 quite a bit when interacting with it (before 0.35).

I use an M1 mac, so I dont know if that causes it? Blender 3 (not UPBGE) is very solid, and does not crash like UPBGE.

Also might I add, would 0.36 do anything to help resolve crashes since it natively supports Metal? Maybe the EEVEE engine which is still tuned to OpenGL on macOS is conflicting with Metal…

Would love to see UNSUPPORTED (log once) console message finally go away when using VideoTexture to set shaders again.