UPBGE Vampire game

Hello everyone, I’m new to BA, not discord (Emaster there) So far, I’m not very far along with my game, but I have a player character modeled and animated along with some basic movement. The idea is for it to be a somewhat open world rpg. Soon I’ll be posting: a small portion of the map I’m making, shooting mechanics, basic state based enemy ai, user interface, and very basic vehicle physics. Along with this, I thought I might summarize the story: Basically you either play as a Lurker (a humanoid, vampire like creature) or a Hunter (the people who hunt those creatures) The game also features a stylized artstyle. (Something I just thought I’d mention) :slight_smile:

I also have a discord Server for the project. I’m still working on a name for the project, as of now it’s Shadows hehe. Also thought I’d mention, this isn’t solely my project, I’m working with one other person on discord


Animations seem a little slugged, but the character’s features are nicely detailed :slight_smile: :+1:

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I’ll be posting a new video soon. I changed a lot of the blend in properties and speed of animations etc. I’ll probably be posting a new video, but it still needs some work :slight_smile:

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it’s funny to think how many times animations were imported in BGE in those 10 last years. Millions of times maybe

Just let’s dream of an animation pack covering all the usual moves. That would have been only 1 import…

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What are you even talking about :thinking: ?

You are on cube-parkour mode, so you don’t need to worry importing animations for your character. What i was saying, is that there’s kinda work to do on the animations after importation, they are raw and have to set and fit somehow things before having a good set of animations with normalized transitions …

Example : walking animation should stay in place, loop well, should start and end on a same idle animation . etc etc … On 5 animations, it’s ok … but a serious pack of animations is 100’s of animations