UPBGE Video Plane Actuator?

Hey Guys, I am new to UPBGE and would love to use it to replace unity to do real time procedural video work. I cannot seem to drive the video plane from Images as Planes in play mode, only works in the animator. is there an actuation or way in the logic editor to have a video texture play on awake and loop? Thanks so much for your help!

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There is no actuator to play a video in BGE/UPBGE, but you can use a script to play videos, see this video

You need to use a little script for that.
A demo .blend: VideoToTexture.blend (905.5 KB)
You need to have a video named a.avi in the same directory than your .blend.
Click on the green button to play the movie.
(this is done with upbge 0.3)


Thanks so much!

Thanks again for the response, I am actually getting a framing issue (also in 0.3)

following your instructions i can see the footage playing, but in 2 very thin lines:

dont think its a UV issue, since the uv grid works fine
do you have an idea as to what might be causing this? btw what i am trying to achieve is even simpler than your setup, just the option to take an images as planes video file and loop it in the scene, dont need any start/stop functionality. thanks!

I plugged in an .mp4 instead of a .avi and it didnt have that issue… might have been my avi codec.