Upbge.wikidot.com is open, come present your game on a page


As you know, (too) many people made some great games on UP(BGE) . Unfortunately, they didn’t receive the attention they deserved due to a online invisibility. For the sake of having once for all a central hub , a library of Blender games, you are invited to create (and edit later if you want) a page to present your game.

How to do this ? Just type in your browser upbge.wikidot.com/name_of_your_game and you will be invited to create that page.

The wiki is completely open . A backup is made to secure content and we will discuss how to organize the wiki after . In other words, don’t take initiative to reorganize the wiki hierarchy by your own and certainly not what others have done before. You are invited to create new pages and add content in a first time, we will see how to organize the wiki after.

I take the list from this topic to invite notorious BGE’s users to create their own page.







Others are invited too of course.

First game published http://upbge.wikidot.com/the-shadows-lengthen


lol i’ll see where i’ll even have to start, geez ive got alot on my plate!


Oh … this guy


@ all

If you like the BGE and it’s fork UPBGE and would like to see it surviving, one could send a strong signal to the Blender foundation. Put all the documentation in 1 place, with many game showcases, documented scripts, tutorials for beginners shows that an existing and active community exist. And who knows… if someone or the Blender F. wants to boot the BGE again, they will have everything under the hand.

So please, if everyone contribute a bit, it will turns to be the reference and everyone using BGE will refer/contribute to it soon or later.

You don’t need to subscribe to create a page, just type upbge.wikidot.com/my_page_whatever and you can start edit very easily (like Word). Once we get a nice mass of pages, one can start to create the hierarchy

UP(BGE) has to be saved because ‘we are waiting for Godot’ (you know the story…) :wink:


check the main page, you will have a quick view on the contributions.

Thx to
@Cortu for his advanced tutorials
@Thomas_Murphy for presenting his game


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Their building an interactive engine for 2.8 so bge is dead for them anyway.

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i didnt realize i couldnt edit pages, just create them. so be careful to have a complete page or prepare to make an account to edit.


yeah, but maybe they will build their interactive mode based on the BGE, and who knows, they will say …
" Oh, but our interactive mode is very similar to BGE after all … mmh , lets make BGE2 " :smiley:

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yes, i changed it because it was too dangerous that anyone reading this forum wanted to have some fun reading reactions after having cleaned the wiki to nothing.
So either you can register for free (very easy) or you can create your own page and suggest it as a modification

but you are now featured on the main page You’re #featuured! :+1: :smile::ok_hand:

it wont be called BGE 2, it’ll be EEVEE interactive mode but with logic nodes and python scripting will make a return , this time logic bricks will be replaced with logic nodes its a whole process but they had to go through with EEVEE 1st to refine the idea, also they wont be rendering of full games on interactive mode it’ll just be games for embedded player in the EEVEE Viewport !!!

And i love this part so much below!!


  • Will bring back everything from BGE including the source code and take it further , it will use EEVEE rendering engine as a new renderer for UPBGE meanwhile bringing back all logic bricks and nice cycles nodes from 2.8 and it will have a built in panel much like armory engine in 2.80 but for UPBGE and GOOD NEWS the GAMES will be exportable using EEVEE Renderer even in a standalone so all those shaders and volumes hopefully they get refined with time and also the engine needs to stabilize and also procedural systems and small bugs patched then UPBGE EEVEE I going to be the future of the BLENDER GAME ENGINE but with a new renderer which is the EEVEE rendering Engine.

look it might not sound exactly as iam saying but thats how i see it for now all this is fantasy if u pith this up to the current UPBGE devs and BF.
(But this is the greatest plan of all plans to preserve the BGE with a nre realtime viewport render that can be exported to runtime with all logic and physics of UPBGE)

We need to give the UPBGE devs this idea to pitch up and preserver this idea and work towards it slowly by slowly.

Guys forgive me if iam entirely wrong abt how i think this will end up but even i dont fully yet understand properly as to whats really going on with regards to the development but iam also willing to assist no matter what.

@BluePrintRandom @youle it may not sound as it seems but we need to have a general idea w cant keep working in this branch like compile yrself cycle we need to release a public version so that newbies and more people can come back and start using again.
it wont be easy i know guys but even if it means fundraising to make this possible this will be great !!!

@blenderaptorsorry for spamming yr thread with such a long message but i really care and i want these guys to keep this idea its a good one and worthwhile investing time and resources in, just think abt if UPBGE EEVEE GETS RELEASED nicely and when EEVEE then begins to support RTX implementation our mini tech demos and small scoped games could even beat unreal level , yeah even Armory !!!



Fred, why don’t you create a page on the wiki ? On my side, i will keep doing all the bricks

Do you like the way I manage the content ? comparing to tutorialsforblender3d my style is very compact

All my work so far (not much) here .

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@blenderaptor Just give me a week or 2 before i can open a proper documentation ive been heavily busy this week and will be tis coming week but i’ll shedule a day to open up a page no stress buddy i just need to get all these pending deadlines done and completed! (Im talking on my project and a bunch of other stuff ive been busy with)


Its not bad as long as we have a wiki for all resources and finished games, that’d be great , its also part of the vision i had for saving and adding most blender games ever made over this past decade…


Well I can create ‘never ending’ maritime routes and I will be staying with Blender 2.79b. with 5 meg max routes. The main thing is the functions are all intact in the Blender archives for people outside of ba to download !

Should anybody become intererested there are many different ways to make these routes. I think there are now 37 ‘completed’ to download from Maritime Route Downloads page, all under 5 meg, if anybody want to list them. Entirely Free and not for commercial use. B

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@barrymaritime , please feel free to write an article on your game on


you don’t need to register, just create page and edit directly

I’m trying to make a registry of all BGE games to strengthen BGE community. On this forum, you game will be forgotten once it will have down in stack of topics