Upcoming appleseed for Blender 2.8

Hi all,
Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work porting the appleseed exporter for Blender over to the new 2.8 API. We’re still ironing out some bugs and it would be great to get some more eyes on it.

New major features:

C++ mesh export (nice and fast)
Native Cryptomatte integration
Stereoscopic camera support
Dynamic OSL scripting (like Cycles)
Much better interactive mode support (including adding/ deleting objects)

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, due to the OS gods being the temperamental beings that they are, I only have the Windows version working at this time. Both Linux and Mac are works in progress.

Here’s a recent Windows build of the 2.8 exporter (appleseed is included with the download):

This should work with the latest 2.8 builds

As always please let me know of any bugs you find by creating an issue on our GitHub page:


Looks wonderful!

Thanks much! Been wanting to try Appleseed for a while now.

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Seems to bomb whenever I’m trying to adjust any Camera settings, such as DOF or Limits. Other than that the renders are looking rather nice.

Hey 5_on_it.

Thanks for the report. The issue has been fixed. Keep 'em coming!

That’s quite all right!

Little frustrated here… The whole reason I wanted to try Appleseed is for caustics. But whenever I switch from Path Tracer to SPPM, nothing renders. Is there anything else I have to set?

Turns out there was a glitch with SPPM rendering too that has been fixed.

With SPPM in general you need to set the number of samples per pass to a lower number and increase the number of passes. Gottfried Hoffman put together a nice tutorial on SPPM in appleseed:

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New Windows build (with a few fixed bugs already):


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Unfortunately it crashes as soon as I switch between the Display modes.

What are you seeing for an error message, and what Blender version/OS are you using?

latest 2.8 version. latest appleseed. I have a fairly large scene that does not render anything with interactive render or regular F12 render. Also changing the World background from physical sky to none causes immediate crash.

With all bug reports please provide details on any error messages from Blender and what kind of scene you’re trying to render. Or better yet provide a copy of the scene. For yours this is really important as I can add and delete environments without issue.

Do you have an email address I can send this to?

Sent you a pm

Both Dropbox download links in this thread are removed. Can you please provide a working link? Thanks!


It’s a few weeks old but nothing major has been added since then.

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As a side-note; blenderseed for Blender 2.80 works also with the newest Blender 2.81 daily builds.
One advantage of Blender 2.81 is that the newly added Intel Open Image Denoise compositor node can then be used (in addition to the built-in BCD denoiser).

Here is an illustration using the denoiser compositor node with blenderseed:


appleseed.glass.caustics 2.8 pet.blend (631.3 KB)
I can’t get this to work in Blender 2.8. The glass just becomes a solid black. I have made a glass material with Cycles as render engine and there it looks like glass, but with Appleseed as render engine I can’t view or edit the glass material. I have followed Gottfried Hoffman’s video and changed the settings in the Appleseed render engine tab (he runs it on Blender 2.79 though, so maybe there are some other settings that I have to change?) but no luck. I have tried both Hoffman’s .blend example file and created my own file.

Does anyone know how to get it to work?

Unfortunately, SPPM doesn’t work in interactive render mode. That’s the engine Gottfried used in his video.

Hi Peter,
you had the cycles materials applied which does not work with appleseed.
When loading older Blender files made for Blender 2.79 you have to do the materials new. This is unfortunate but was necessary when the node system was overhauled.
As @jdent02 said, SPPM does not work in viewport preview rendering, only with final render.
You will see a preview render but it is with standard progressive path tracing.

I corrected your scene file, now you can just press Render. You can play with the SPPM settings, try for instance ray traced direct lighting. Also good is to increase photon numbers.
appleseed.glass.caustics 2.8 pet.blend (696.9 KB)