Upcoming Claymation Movie! (How many of you will see it?)

I’m currently working on a claymation movie (In stop-motion and stuff), and I have a concern. It is quite obvious to me that the Traditional forum is not very popular. In fact, I’m worried that if I put my claymation in the traditional forum, no one will bother to look at it. :frowning: So what should I do?

Oh and about the movie, I won’t give much of it away, but There is a turtle (My avatar), a frog, and a lizard. It will be done in about a week or two.

can’t wait till you post it…

stopmotion is the base of all animation [!]

i may watch it depending on how big the file is… (56k). but i enjoy clamations!

I’ll watch it, just put a shameless plug for it in your sig, that’s the best solution. Now everytime you post people will see a link for it.

Good idea VK. This post wasn’t a bad one either. Lookin’ forward to it when its done.

LOL, i guess I’m the dope that voted no. It’s not personal, truth is I’ve never watched any animation done in blender except for the examples from blender3d.org. Now that I think about it, I feel pretty stupid for even voting in the first place.


Put it up, I’ll watch it. I liked the one with the five pound note.

I’d like to see it.
Good claymation is great. I’m a big Wallace & Grommit fan.

But be warned: It’s not nearly that good. :wink:

i am a fan of any type of animation and i will watch it :wink: :slight_smile:

I used to make claymation movies when I was young so I’d love to watch it :smiley:

Looking forward to it…