Upcoming elections - VOTE today!

(digitalSlav) #1

enough with the dribble… let’s get down to business!

(CubeFan973) #2

If someone votes “no,” interrogate them!

(stukkm) #3

i voted no. maybe he is being annoying but maybe we should warn him how much we are being pissed off and give him a chance to cut the crap?

(Dittohead) #4

he does it off and on. he did it back in the blender.nl forums.

(Timonides) #5

Ohhhh… come on guys!!!

Are you really SERIOUS about this??? :o

Whatever you think that valarking has done, should we become his judge, jury and executioners??? This is insane!!! :o

We all have done similar things in the past!!! :o

I also did some spamming recently. Should I also be banned??? :o

What if he’s not trying to get a higher post ranking, but it’s his own strange idea of being funny instead??? :o

Above all I think that this terrible responsibility (banning users) should be left for the Administrators to care about. We the users should not get involved with such things. I don’t want to be responsible for banning a fellow elysunier, no matter what the reason is…

Come on guys we are a fellowship here… and valarking is from our own blood… :o

Would you crucify your brother??? :o


(pofo) #6

He can be annoying at times, but hey who isn’t?
I think this poll is way over the top.

(S68) #7


keep calm.


(Jolly Gnome) #8

Well, for me, valarking hasn’t done anything. I haven’t seen a single stupid posting of his, but then again, I don’t read every single post in here. Only if the topic is even at least remotely interesting, I take a peek and read the original post. If it’s onteresting, I read the whole conversation.

I suggest everybody else does that too.

(fullback) #9

Hey you guys, notice anything different about the post counts?

Issue solved.

(hannibar) #10

The whole valarking thing is very funny. Personally I like his posts because they are quite funny. Don’t spoil my fun.

(blengine) #11

“what would jesus do?”

(fullback) #12

What would Brian Boitano do?

(Timothy) #13

actually after an incident in #blenderchat yesterday evening, valarking got banned from #blenderchat. He felt the need to complaign about this (or rather call the person who banned him a facist) on these forums.

I deleted his posts, but he simply reposted them. After that I had enough of it and banned valarking for atleast a few days.

So I answered “yes”


(fullback) #14

I deleted his posts, but he simply reposted them. After that I had enough of it and banned valarking for atleast a few days.

That probably wasn’t a good maneuver on his part.

I don’t know what he said in blenderchat specifically, but today, the term “fascist” seems to serve as a generic bogeyman for anyone who doesn’t agree with the socialist political template.

I would cut him some slack (Valarking).

His “bump” posts were rather annoying, however.

(Timothy) #15

he’s had enough slack to last a lifetime

(Timonides) #16

I don’t really know what valarking actually did in #blenderchat. My experience here in elysiun, indicates that probably he got banned for the right reason. kib_Tph doesn’t usually ban people for “fun”!!! But this is irrelevant…

An Administrator banning a user who has some certain “behavior” is one thing. But a poll issued by the users, on wether an other user should be banned or not, is a dangerous, thing!!!

I am really sorry to say that, tmtechie, but I think this whole idea is not good!!! I think that if we start such things here, there would be no end. Just think about it for a second. If we start to do “public courts” like this,
then perhaps next time you could be next in the line…

I say, leave decisions such as this to the Administrators. If you feel a user is not behaving correctly, just complain. But never set up a poll like this.

Sorry, if my words have been harsh… I have no intention to insult anybody, it’s just what I feel to be right!!!


(fullback) #17

OK. Like I said, I didn’t read his blenderchat stuff. If it was that bad then take whatever action you think is necessary.

It must be difficult to make these decisions. I don’t envy you. :frowning:

(Timonides) #18

kib_Tph, in cases such as this, I don’t envy you either… :frowning:
But what has to be done, has to be done I guess… and you are the unfortunate man who has the responsibility…


(Timothy) #19

yeps these things are not fun to do, and they kind of tick me off from time to time.

Like little old me, deleting posts yesterday evening only to find out they have been reposted a few minutes later. Giving me more work, I didn’t like doing in the first place.
But hey it’s all worth it for the good things I get to do, and the enthousiastic users I get to help out.

About what happened in #blenderchat yesterday, I didn’t agree completely with Goofster on his aproach to valarking. However valarkings reaction was way out of order aswell. And for what was said by him a ban was fit. Especially considering valarkings history in #blenderchat.
Please note though that this was not at all the reason I banned valarking from here, it was purely based on his behaviour on the forums.

Btw, under normal circumstances I would have probably locked or deleted this topic. But since Valarking has already been banned, I figured: “what the heck”.


(Timothy) #20

btw one more thing.

I will never let my actions be guided by these kind of polls. Ofcourse I pick up on the events which take place here, but I always act according to my own judgement or to the judgement of some people who I find are capable and have enough experience with these things. (like S68, or any of the other moderators).

I find that alot of people can overreact sometimes (I’ve been guilty of this myself a few times aswell).
Like for instance if you don’t like the posts valarking was making, why not simply ask him why he’s doing it, and if he could stop, it in a polite manner, either on the forum or in a private message. You don’t need to come out saying that you dislike it, dislike valarking, and think he’s doing it to increase his postcount or whatever reason you think.

Misinterpretations are very easily made on the internet, you may mean 1 thing yet someone else will understand it in a completely different way. Lets face it this is even true in real life where you get to experience a persons expressions, body language, tone of voice etc. So in a electronic world like this, these mistakes are very easily made.

I hope this didn’t sound too bad? :slight_smile:

Greets again,