UPDATE 18/12: Slave-gnome

OK, here´s the new update:

Full body:



Updates are:

x Added textures.

x Added protective goggles.

What do you think? Yes, there are horrible texture-stretchings, but I´ll fix that when I learn UV-mapping.

Critics and comments are welcome!

Realy great character, i just have a couple of comment’s.

  • I think you forgot to mirror one the hands, the right hand has the handpalm on the back.
  • You should merge the two halves of the character so the “seam” isn’t visible. But if your still going to work on it i understand you would want to keep them separate.

Great moddeling on the muscles, very wel done. :smiley:

Thanks alot for the critics and comments, Madmesh! I´ll fix the hand-mirroring problem A.S.A.P, but I think I´ll see if anyone has got any comments abbout the body or face of the character before I join them. Thanks again for the comments, I really appriciate the help!

very cool character, but i think he’s a bit flat(?).
cya henrik

Cool char, I would say that he needs a good skin texture, probly a couple layers big. The hands look a bit squarish, maybe spread fingers a bit, boots seem to be a bit bulky imo, maybe squish the steel toe part down a bit.

Keep up the good work!! Great idea!

Kaktuswasse: Thanks for both comments and compliments. Strange, that´s what some guy said the last time I posted this, before the updates and all. Í think that can depend on two things: The fact that he doesn´t have any nose (he´s face is really flat from the side) and the grey background. I´ll post some more images later this evening so you can see him from side.

Darkelfv: Thanks for both comments and compliments. Yeah, the texture sucks totally, it´s just there to show what color he´ll be in later on. For now there´s to major things left for this guy: texturing and rigging him up with armatures. Thanks alot for the suggestions, I´ll see to it A.S.A.P (later this evening).
BTW, I think I´ll post the whole animation when it´s done, it´ll be around 5 minutes totally, both CG-anims and video. It´s a comedy for a school-project.

pull out the nose, it looks horrible the way it is :-? - as if he had put his face under a jackhammer when he was a kid :stuck_out_tongue:

Blendermax: Hmm, I kinda like his face. He´s supposed to look a little horrible, in a cute way. With nose pulled out I think he would look far to human.

Ehm… The new update has new texture, goggles, modified gloves and boots. See top of page.

i dont know…but you’re the artist here, not me… 8)

well, keep working on it, characters are hard 8)

after that I want to see a animation :wink:

he looks really cool! very creative character, especially the face, i like it…
his whole body seems flat though, squished, and stretched texture on the boots =
otherwise, awesome picture :slight_smile:

Imgranpaboy: Yeah, the horrible texture stretchings will be fixed when I learn UV-mapping (soon). Hmm, you´r not the first to say he looks flat… I don´t know but that can depend on a combination of background color, the lack of skin-texture and bad lightning. He isn´t flat, I promise :slight_smile: !

Ztonzy: Well, I´m rather happy with him now and will start rigging, UV-mapping, testing the armature etc. if there´s noone who´s got any more suggestions about him.
Animation, you say? Well I´ll be filming in a few months/weeks (dunno really) with live actors (actor actually), then I´ll animate this gnome of mine and voila! An animation! But it will take a while, and I´ll need some constructive critics on his machineroom-like enviroment.

Blendermax: Then I´ll keep his face! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the critics and comments, all of you!