[update 1st post] Sculpt mode Win 08 July

Hello Nicholas Bishop update his project:

News (from mailling list):
Made the Catmull-Clark code much more flexible.
Added a new option for multires that controls what level the edges should be drawn from.

Download at http://blendertestbuilds.de/index.php?dir=Testbuilds/SOC2006/Sculpt_CW/Windows/20060708/

Happy sculpting.

great progress, this will be the next big enhancement after 2.42 :smiley:

I played around with it for some minutes and created a low poly cube, made it multiresolution, brushed a bit, switched back to low poly… it is great to see it remember the brushes when switching back to high res:-)

ok i must miss something here. how do you switch betweeb low and high res?

Hi ,

You have to hit the multires button in the edit panel :


Then a new panel will appear , which will give you the ability to add new level .

It’s really great and fast even at level 5.
A real big thanks to nicholas for this :).

Peace :).

Whoa multi res already, fabulous! Thanks Nicholas and the rest of the folks on this great SOC project.

Holy Cow!
Multi Res is wonderful!
Thanks a lot Nicholas!

I works fast on a 1.4ghz cpu setup with a FX 5700, 1ghz ram at a multires level of “7”. Wow!

this is awesome :smiley:

a few minutes of sculpting in blender and i got this.



P.S. there is one bug, when i change the resolution of the mesh it goes mental. there are polys all over the place, i dunno why this happens. it didnt at first :confused:


Now if one only could “paint on” the last details…as anything above 3
becomes a pain on a 1.8 ghz computer.

Nice development though, it IS faster than sculptmesh.

As I would like to use it in nice big projects that would need saving i’ll wait for a more complete and more stable build. Anyway, a built in sculpting tool with modeling, rendering, and animation could be a first for open source apps. The way it looks, enough features get to it and enough speed and the Pixologic CEO will be banging his head on his desk;)

Here’s a little something something I’m sculpting code named “iggy”-


I seriously doubt that will happen. Blender’s Sculpting features and Zbrush are two very different types of 3d modeling tools.

Zbrush is also great for people who come completely from a 2d software background. Blender’s Sculpt features are a perfect asset in addition to the current 3d mesh modeling tools. Although if you use Zbrush you will quickly master Blender’s Sculpt tool as the concepts are similar.

JA-forreal, could you please post a wire of “iggy”?:smiley: I’m curious to see what the resulting wire looks like after sculpting a character…

Tomorrow I will post a wire view of three Multires levels from the lowest, the mid, and highest subdivisions. I rendered this at a level “7” Multires. I haven’t had a crash yet. Save, save, save in any case while you work.

I was just thinking… What if this mesh sculpting feature gets supported by Blenders Game Engine Later on? :smiley:

Aside from working on exporting highres displacement (“normal”) maps, I’d imagine that’s on someones mind. Among other cool things, hehehe.

It is on many’s people mind (I guess you meant “normal maps”) ; let’s just hope that one of them can code :wink:

This multires is fantastic! Excellent work so far, works smoothly far as I’ve tried it.

Man this sculpting stuff will make organic objects and creatures so much easier to make in a detailed fashion. You’ve done a good job so far.

Currently my method of sculpting is making a shape key then shrink/flatten and another key affected by a vertex group. Good for landscapes but this will be a much better solution.

Yeah I meant “normal maps”, hehe. I never really used them for my work in the past. I have a feeling that Blender will set me straight in that area.:smiley:

Thanks! I was able to transfer over some of the workflow from SharpConstruct. I really need the “Grab” tool and a bit more stuff to really feel at home modeling in this way. I’ll wait and finish this project up as Blender’s Sculpting features progress in some areas. It’ll be my WIP with this amazing Blender SOC WIP.

When I first approached this sculpture as I pushed and pulled the shape I was feeling a frog-like form. But then I knocked out the back of the head and sides. I could see an opportunity for something snake-like in nature. I’m sticking with the snake idea for now. I have 6 save points so I can still go in other directions if I want too. But the snake works for now.

What am I after? I’m really am not certain at this point. I want to sculpt an object or series of object that I can use in my work for years to come. Maybe I will make a brass snakehead door knocker or a bust. I’ll come up with a useful artistic 3d object in any case. That’s the fun thing about natural methods of sculpting on computers you can quickly jog around ideas in your head. Then you and apply them with all of the precision fand unction that data management offers.

When I sculpt in wood in the real world or with paper, some processes are permanent. I don’t have the same range of unlimited alteration as I do on a computer.

Blend on!