Update 2004.12.29 - Detailed old polish apartment house

I just want to create detailed old apartment house. I have some photos of such house I’ve found in my city and based on this photos I want to create similar house in 3D. Just for fun.
Here is link to page of this project:

very nice windows, and nice details, too…

i won’t offend you in telling you that the tiling of your texture is bad, you surely know it :wink:

waiting for more, always been a fan of your artwork


I would usually use a simple brick pattern image then add weathered detail using procedurals, I promise no tiling.

You are right. I’ve changed brick texture.

Looks great. Just needs some reflection in the windows, and curtains behind the windows maybe?

awesome detailing dude. those elements over the window looks really pro.

The details above the bottom windows are amazing. Altough the curved ledge looks like it could use some more work. Looks lumpy and inconsistent.

Other than that, I think it’s dang good. Keep it up.

I think, I don’t need more detail in windows. There will be about 50 windows, and this two are one of simplest of them :wink:
I estimate this model for 1 mln of polygons with this level of detail.
There is lot of work do to.

Another update. I decided to render this in Yafray.
Here is the picture:
I think it looks better in yafray.

Small update:

Another update:

Good work, great detail, but it just looks so repetitive. Maybe you could make some irregularities, like chips and cracks, stains, vines growing on the bricks… I also like the camera angle like in your previous two, on a slant, rather than straight-on.

Another small update. Since my son was born I don’t have much time :wink:

Now this is Blender internal render. Textures are just for testing renders.
I think I have about 20% of whole house.

wow :open_mouth: amazing detail and certainly a vast improvement :slight_smile:

The only thing that I noticed is that you don’t have much variation. This is amazingly realistic and beautiful, but all the windows seem to be exactly the same, I think you need some variation to make it look realistic. Of course you are only at 20 %, so I might be telling only the obvious :slight_smile:

At now windows are just clones of parent windows. Thats why they are the same :wink: When I’ll have all different windows modelled I’ll make copies of all windows and make some changes in each to give them individuality.
Here is link to bigger 1600x1200 version: http://www.grzybu.com/images/3d/current/kamienica_20041228_big.jpg

WOW i don’t know what to say. I love the architecture and the detail you put into the windows. Your doing a great job, no crits from me


Looks like you might have some odd geometry on the right side of that greenish-yellowish-tannish column on the right… but otherwise… awesome work :slight_smile:

Very nice detainling. What country is this building in? Kind of looks dutch to me.

Another very small update:

House is from Poland, from my city.