UPDATE 24.1! mecha_bird with yafray.

update: now I have some textures!

well, people were showing some nice stuff, and I had some spare time, so I decided to see how this program renders… it’s hard, weird and slow… I dont understand the materials really… but here is what it managed to output…

the latest:

and here is the development… hehheh…


Loking good! I like the original also. You should post the Blender version also for comparison.

It will be great when someone takes the time to document how the materials and lighting works. A reader friendly, easy to understand set of tutorials or explanations would be great.

I got Povanim to work, and the output is great, but the Povray documentation is extremley technical and that makes it hard to really understand what you need to. Hopefully Yafray’s users will continue to share knowledge in a format that is easy to understand for any one who desires to use it.

I’m waiting for docs and tuts too :slight_smile: I’m really just trying to find my way in a dark here… and test rendererings take much longer time, so it’s a pain with yafray… heh.

ok, I uploaded another pic. it’s updated, now with couple of textures even!!!


very excellent! it looks great and i still love those feet so much =D
one thing i havent really liked is the low polyniess of the ribs and main fron metal bone thing… everything else is smooth, why not them?

hehe is that a spare duck foot hanging on the wall? very nice :smiley:

Sweet :slight_smile:

A bit too nisy, INHO :wink:


it doesn’t look like it would work too well, but the model is really great and the render actually fooled me for a real pic. (for about 3 seconds, but most things dont)

I might have to get into this yafray craze…

Very nice texturing and lighting. I had one thought, not that this is a must at all. I guess I should ask first what the eye is made from? What if it was a more reflective material? It would be cool to see it reflecting the ‘rest’ of the room (environment). Maybe add more parts, boxes ect. opposite behind the camera shot so it shows up in the eye?

After seeing this and other great Yafray renders, I think I will play more this weekend.

Thats really clever!

Mabey you could do an animation :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need help to understand povray files’ structure or matérerials or lighting, have a look at this news server:

There is also cool tutorials but on sites in french:


Cool jms. Thanks for the resources. Any news on UV bump mapping with your export script?

I started playing with Povray and Povanim again. Scripting can be tedious, but it gives the control you want/need. I think I know how to sript in a bump map now, but I’m still a Povray novice. I even managed to get a soft shadow from an area light also, which makes me happy.

Each time I look at this Mecha Bird, I say to myself, that it rocks!

well thanks ec2. there is going to be update pretty soon… I’m learning more about texturing on yafray… :slight_smile: I will post it here as soon as it’s good enough.


No problem. Ever since I picked up Blender in August, I really enjoyed seeing your works. Your scenes are really creative and well executed. I also got a kick out of your library fly through, my wife thought it was cool also.