[UPDATE 27-Sep-08 Cavity Mask attempt] Z-Brush similar material for GLSL

ORIGINAL POST (28-Aug-08):
I’ve been testing GLSL and made a material similar to the known Z-Brush ¿clay?, and thought I’d share it in case anyone would like to use it. Needs some retouches, Z-Brush has some dirt/grayed effect that I was thinking to do with “normal input” in RAMPS, but seems like normal input doesn’t work yet with GLSL

Red Wax with Cavity Mask (27-Sep-08):

Video demo at Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/1825379

The Cavity Mask can be used with any two materials, the main and the one for the cavities. Note that it is intended for sculpting only, it has some limitations. The object must be centered in the viewport (NumPad point Key) or near for the normals to work properly.


Cavity Mask node setup: it can be used with any two materials. (Note that it has some limitations and is intended for sculpting only)

Red Wax (10-Sep-08):

Video demo at Vimeo: http://www.vimeo.com/1703468

(looks best setting the lamp’s fall-off to “Inverse Square”)

Clay B (02-Sep-08):
Screenshot: http://www.uploadgeek.com/uploads456/0/clay4_material_screenshot_01.png

Clay A (28-Aug-08):
Screenshot: http://www.uploadgeek.com/uploads456/0/clay_material_screenshot_01.png

Metal (28-Aug-08):
I did like another shader I found, I think it is from Zbrush too, here is a reference image.

Screenshot: http://www.uploadgeek.com/uploads456…eenshot_01.png

DOWNLOAD ALL: http://www.4shared.com/file/72649516/64c2c68d/GLSL_sculpting_materials.html


Very nice! Thanks very much.

Normal input works properly for the ramps in the apricot branch GLSL and it helps a lot to bring out the shape of the model.

Hey Pixelogic, your shader has been stolen:yes:

I want to know how that looks on a smoothed sculpted model.

Good work Eclectiel. I have added this clay material to my “user default settings”.

Screen looks nice, might do the same as fruela did.

Maybe my video card doesn’t handle it well.

I have added this clay material to my “user default settings”.
:slight_smile: nice… (impressive work for “Strange Behaviour”.:yes:)

Thanks for the kind comments…

I did like another shader I found, I think it is from Zbrush too: here is the reference:

here is the preview of the one I did:

and to download it:

What I would like to reproduce is the dirt in cavities, but don’t know how to do it or if it’s possible with actual materials in Blender. I was thinking RAMPS with normal input but it changes according to point of view, and for cavities I guess it counts the mesh density or the higher concave angles.

(I’ll update the first post…)


Maybe my video card doesn’t handle it well.

Did you enable the GLSL material in the “game” menu at the top?

Really great shaders for sculpting. Thank you very much.

wow this are very good shaders

Did you enable the GLSL material in the “game” menu at the top?
Yes, I selected “Blender GLSL materials” from game menu, “textured” viewport shading, and “shaded” drawtype for the object. Check this test screenshot that uses normal input with the colorband at the right. The front parts should look red too.

Thanks again for the comments. If anyone improves any of them feel free to post them here and I will add them to the first post. Also if I improve them later I will post them here.


Thanks for this Shaders… looking very good!
Great for Sculpting!!!
i made a b.blend i use for Apricot Builds for sculpting (Including the 2 Materials from Eclectiel and my new Theme "X-treme)!
here is the Download link:


Made a second attempt for clay, now using material nodes. I like it better than the first, I see it more “clay”. With nodes I could make a couple of tweaks that are not possible just with regular materials and ramps, and also has better response than the previous version under brighter lighting.


material download:


Here is an update. I tried to mimic that SSS feel of the Red-wax material and a couple of other details that it has. After trying different options none of them were giving that Zbrush feel, but could finally come up with a simple node setup that I think mimics this material better than the previous attempts.

Made a short video that shows the feel when sculpting:

The video is accelerated since at least my card handles GLSL a bit slow, but it is a simple node setup so it’s faster than the previous attempt with nodes.

some screenshots: This scene has only one front lamp (with fall-off set to “inverse square”).


Looks great.
Thanks for your effort.

Fabulous work! Five stars from me.

Dude your thread depresses me. When I picked up blender last year I wanted a material just like yours to use when am sculpting now that its here my stupid laptop can’t run glsl material due to the lack of decent 3d card. keep up the good work even though this is one party I can’t join.

5 stars from me as well

Thanks for the comments!

Lol. I can do the material and see it but I can’t sculpt with GLSL, it goes a bit slow on mine, so I can understand the feeling.

hey can’t get your free file service to download the files on my computer, can someone host them somewhere else?

edit oops, it’s ok, I forgot I was in chrome… went to firefox and it was fine.

broken links?