update 3dwindow immediately

(haunt_house) #1

following problem:

I wrote a little script to control the rotation of an object through the rotation of another object. And I want to see the results every time I change the control-object. At the moment, I use the “Framechanged” option to activate the script, so if I want to see what is happening, I have to go one frame back and forward. Is there an easier way?



(theeth) #2

you can make a direct scriptlink to the object controling the rotation, and just linked it with Redraw instead of FrameChange.


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:smiley: Thank you very much.

This reminds me of how I desperately tried to bevel something. Because I´ve got only a 15" Monitor, I always named the mesh and not the object and wondered why Blender didn´t like it. :-?

This time I used the right part of the script buttons window instead of the left. Now it is really comfortable to work with the script.

Although I still cannot figure out, what the right part of the window is for.

greetings to montreal