Update: A Tribute to DAFT PUNK

I finally sat down and made bangalters helmet. but now for some reason guy mans helmet reflects a checkerboard and not the hdri…

BI or Cycles? I can’t tell
Nice model

blender internal

do it in cycles and put some LEDs behind the mask. The make a couple human bodes wearing leather motorcycle outfits… love it so far.

yeah i still have no idea how I’m going to get the LED through tinted glass/plastic effect

da fuq looks so real .

added some lights and stuff


started on the interior lights


finished the interior lighting and equalizer-light things and changed up my shiny gold material, adding a little texture with normal map. Suggestions, comments and criticisms are encouraged! be honest; Im not easily offended and Im looking to improve.

ps I want the interior LEDs to give off a little bit of light. Is this best achieved by using several differently colored point lamps at very low strengths? or is there a better/easier way?


one idea i had for a scene…some of the reflections on the face plate seem kinda screwed up the more i look at it


I think you can make some sort of luminosity map for the model, if you turn on “approximate” raytracing or something like that and the turn up the light bounces it should emit some light.