update about the state of my face

kansas, i drove my car home, dropped it off, then took the bus and walked for an hour to get to the party.

i think that constitutes not talking my car :stuck_out_tongue:


Drinking is just a matter of alcohol volume over time.


try out that test to see your BAC.

Sounds pretty harsh on your system. At least you’re not afraid to do it in the first place. I am already 17, and have never been drunk before. It’s not because I don’t want to, it’s just because of my damned emetophobia (fear of vomiting; http://www.emetophobia.org). I haven’t puked in 7 years. I don’t want to risk getting hung over and throwing up many times in a row. I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Hell, I won’t even be within 100 feet of anybody who could or is throwing up.

I know the only way to overcome it is to face it, but that’s the thing about phobias. Easier said than done.

see, a;;rlaen, the funny thing about this whole story is, that me and several friends went online at a party for some obscure reason and ended up on elYsiun :smiley: And your senseless post became the “theme” (sort of) for the party :D. It all ended up like this:

drunk dude “omg wtf, i can’t feel my face, bwaa!!”
drunk crowd “omg?”
*drunk crowd laughs ass off
another drunk dude “fear me, for i am many teeth and i shall lock y00 face!”
drunk dude “!?!”
*drunk dude jumps off 2nd floor balcony into lake
*drunk crowd laughs and 3 of them follow.

damn, that was a fun night :smiley: glad I didn’t get that drunk…
no drunk dudes were hurt or injured during the short play

If you do it responsibly you won’t ever get drunk and vomit. For example, I never drank at all and over this summer I’ve done it for the first few times. I never drank more than 6 beers because that seemed to be the point when I started to obviously act drunk, but not so drunk as to fall down all over the place and tell people about my personal problems, etc. (keep in mind that my state only has 3 point beer though, so my limit would be three beers in most states). I don’t get hangovers and I don’t vomit, I think it’s because I stop when I know I should. Sure, I’m never going to have a “tolerance” for alcohol and people will always make fun of me for getting drunk on three beers, but at least I won’t be on the bathroom foor like them when the night is over. :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting drunk is a dangerous thing to get into in the first place, people have been known to do many foolish things during that period that ended up making them pay when they get sane again.

Well 2-3 beers never hurt anybody. If you had getting completely drunk in mind, I think we know it’s dumb without you telling us it is. But it is almost absolutely inevitable that you will reach that point, sooner or later. And in some ways, it is good, because you gain the experience and will from there on avoid such drinking.

well i held off getting drunk till 20. our age of drinking is 18, and most of my firends were boozers at about 16 or 15.

so i am one of the “good ones” but everyone will usually go there some time in life even if not planing on it.


Yup, been smashed out of my face twice (as in I don’t even remember anything after a certain point). Felt like crap the next day, I would say that has made me realise alcohol is best used in moderation, and not some magical elixir that one must do anything in their power to get hold of (too many people seem to think like that). I MIGHT have been able to feel my face hehe, but I just can’t remember :slight_smile: But I tell you, looking at photos of a healthy liver and of cerosis of the liver, that is quite sobering.

LOL, I’ll take your word for it. I was on narcotic pain medication when I busted my leg and required surgery a couple of years ago, I felt like someone dropped me from a 50 foot ledge the way each of the 6 or so drugs they put me on in 3 days. Each one had nasty effects on me, the worst -oxy cotton- made me almost stop breathing.

That’s the reson why I will never get involved with any intxocants.

I think we know that.

And plus, the former mayor of one of the suburbs nearby woke up in some anonymous driveway at about 8:00 am, completey naked. Later that day he admitted to being an alcoholic.

“…But most of all children…Dont have absynth unless you are careful…”

Absinthe is great (-; - Here in dunners, a bottle of the 89.9% stuff is about $60NZ, and the expressions on peoples faces when they have a shot are worth every penny.

Whoa! :o Where did you obtain this new (and if I may say so myself, startling) information? Can you point me to some further literature, like maybe the side of the can where it has the surgeon generals warning? Are there any public information commercials on TV that detail the potential effects, or maybe can you tape my parents talking about it again because I seriously probably have not heard it enough, since I can’t remember anything about alcohol ever making you do something you could regret.

Tell me, does it have other ill effects? Could it harm my liver? I’m just asking because I don’t know these things or maybe I’ve just had my fingers in my ears for that last 20 years screaming, “LALALALALALALALALA.” :wink:

More importantly, have you ever been drunk? I mean, sure, I have, but you probably know more about it than me anyway.


i had a mate have his large intestine removed (long story) but basicly they put him on lots and lots of morphine.

dang that boy had funny halucinations, one i loved was the room being full of flying sheepskins. :smiley:


I don’t know if you’ve heard about it but there’s a device that you can use to vapourise alcoholic drinks so they have more effect but they don’t give you a hangover.


A little expensive to buy at $3000 or so but I think you can rent it for parties.

you are breathing in the alcohol and i think thats more dangerous LOL.


its fun to watch topics like this change from one thing into another :slight_smile:

never been drunk, but thats mostly because I havent liked any of the alcohol Ive ever had enough to have more than a sip.

They’ve been fighting to ban that product, such a thing could dramatically increase the number of alchoholics.


That only time I went loopy was after surgery when somone asked how I was doing…I lifted my hand up said “wooo…wooo…wooo” and twirled my hand slowly and then said “pop”…




That only time I went loopy was after surgery when somone asked how I was doing…I lifted my hand up said “wooo…wooo…wooo” and twirled my hand slowly and then said “pop”…



I hope you were the patient and not the surgeon :smiley: