Update:Android II

Background was Redesigned

In this work, I tried to design the “mechanical, but organic” android. Using ambient occlusion, spent 1 h for this rendering. My first work of Android was posted to the official Blender gallery in August 2007.
Suggestions and advice are really appreciated.:slight_smile:


Very nice. The hand looks ever so slightly unnatural in the full body image.
It would be nice to have more going on in the background to keep the eye moving. The black makes it have a quality of being closed and claustrophobic which contradicts the free confidence and open-ness of the character and the other materials. Besides that, as far as I can tell, it is flawless.

Really, really nice job mate, the materials and the figure are very well done. Top Work! :smiley:

excellent 5 star :slight_smile:

The modeling is great but in my opinion the materials are bad and lighting setup is, well, a bad setup.

I would like to see materials more like white glazed plastic (instead of chrome of whatever is now) and softer shadows. Also the blue lamps that are all over should affect more the android.

looks quite good,
her right leg dressing looks slightly off center, but thats about it.
Good job on the white materials.

edit: ooh, I see it now, no cits from me then.

Great modelling but I agree with Cipix you should make the white material less relfective more like glazed plastic.
Also try to give a more dramatic lighting to give the android more personality.

About rendertime if you feel like it get the latest svn build from graphicall.org and use Approximate AO. It speeds up rendertime incredibly. In a simple organic model of mine using AAO instead of Raytraced AO sped up rendertime from 1minute 29 seconds to 29seconds. But be sure to backup your file first cause there might be no way back into 2.45.

Now that’s one beautiful model. I can see how people might misunderstand the folds of the “dress”, but I find it a very nice touch. A lot of hard work there. I think it works fine as a “clean”, glossy kind of image. But you should also give it the indigo treatment for a more realistic feel.

Beautiful model(the face has incredible emotion), but Im still not sold on your lighting Aquasky.
4 stars easy though.

Very nice :D, the background could be a bit more interesting, but the modeling is great and the materials for the android are pretty cool. The only minor thing is that you can see the edges on the ‘hair’ in the close-up shot, maybe turn up the subsurf?

Great job!

I don’t know. I thought the chrominess of the white material, though unusual, makes the image really stand out and look good.

Nice work!

Your model is perfect, but (as mentioned by others) I think the background is lacking. She would make an awesome character in a sci-fi game.

4 Stars.

Very good; but there are weaknesses in the anatomy; the arms should be more slender and tapered. The face is really good and expressive, but the foot looks too stumpish and undefined. I also think she needs a knee cap!

Saying that the human body is the most difficult thing to pull off in art and certainly in Blender imho. I think you would benefit greatly from doing some life drawing and studying anatomy so as to remove those weaknesses.

Thanks for all comments:)
About lack of background design, I think so too. I’m currently trying to improve the background design. I’m also trying to adjust the rendering condition by using external renderer such as Yafray (I can not use indigo, because I’m Mac user:()

  • Sorry for my bad english…

Feh, I liked that background, even if it was simple or whatever.

Model is win though. Makes me think ‘robot white mage girl’ or something :slight_smile:

Nice works. I love the face of the android esp. I know you are working on the background so I will wait to see what you came up with.
Am not sold on the robot’s lower leg it just looked too thin and don’t convince me that it could carry weight. Widening her stance and bringing her right leg from underneath the skirt could improve things. And maybe bulking up the lower leg.
Whatever background you cook up make sure it has enough visual arcs that will lead the eye an kept it focused on the model, it is a beautiful model and you should do you all to show it off to the viewer.

I tried to redesign the background.
Suggestions and advice are really appreciated!

Hmm. I had an idea. Submitted for your approval; how about having a scene of greenery from above? It could be seen through glass panels where the flat black panels were: as if she were on an elevator above a luscious scene.