Update : Australian & NZ Blender Forum - website now up

[edit] There has been a website put up for details regarding the blenderconf.au http://home.iprimus.com.au/snapper63/blender.htm[/edit]

hey guys,

After some discussion over the logistics of such a feat, we have decided to run a forum/conference/get together for Australian and any Kiwis who might be intersted in travelling to Sydney over the weekend of 23 and 24th of October 2004, therefore it will run in parallel to the Blender Conference in the Netherlands but not be specifically linked to it. Now its in its early stages of planning so beyond these details we are still working on the plan…basically we will all be responsible for our own travel to Sydney so how you get there is up to you. Then we will try to sought out some accomodation if needed or whatever…at the moment we are still very much planning and any input about what should happen is very much encouraged. We also would like definite committment before the end of August, preferrably sooner so that accomodation, food, computers etc can be soughted out. So if you are interested and think you can make it PM me AND reply to this thread so that we can keep track of things. Also if you have any ideas let me know.

Oh and if you want to come and have transport problems or whatever then PM me anyways and we will do the best we can to sought something out…ill even write you a permission note for your parents :wink:

we would love to get a nice group together for a what promises to be a fun weekend so come along if you can.


-timmo and levon

well i would be keen to go, but if i end up paying the $400+ dollars for transport i would be out of money for accomidation, and out of money for other stuff LOL.

and even $400 is a lot of money for a weekend LOL

why sydney? its not the nicest city, nor is it the cheapest city.

why not melbourne, or brisbane :wink:


yeh we debated over sydney for a long time, and for all the Aussies anyway its the most central city, and the one where its cheapest to fly to. Doing some quick checking PacificBlue does one way from Christchurch to Sydney or Wellington to Sydney for $149NZD which i know isnt a whole lot cheaper then $400, and I know that sought of money for a weekend is kinda extreme. I hope you can come it would certainly add to the weekend.


Well here in Montreal (Quebec/Canada) we’ll most likely to have a conference too at the same time. So it would be cool if we both could set up some webcam so we can all be linked and chat together maybe.

just my 2cent…

yeh that would be a great idea to have a feed between the two conferences if it can be organised…maybe one of the organisers can contact me or levon to try and sought it out.


i just want to run a HUGE international Blender Battle. all live in person (well amongst three different cofrences i guess LOL) and for perhaps 1 hour.

we would have all the top blender artists in person battleing throwing computers around the damn room and stuff like that LOL.

perhaps i just have a personal NZ confrence, and hook up a webcam in my house and i am like a special confrence attender LOL


ok ive made an email address that will be where all the information will be sent from, and any private quiries can be sent to.

[email protected]

if you would like to be included in the mailing list please send an email with the subject “subscribe”

and any other information you want, name elysuin/irc/blender.org name so timmo and i can start constructing a database of people.

if you dont want to include this informations thats fine, and we will not give out email address’s to anyone, it is just for our own use.

se you at blenderconf.au

Count me in, I hope…
It’ll be very shortly before my exams, and I have a busy schedule this semester (more than full time), so we’ll see how busy I am. But I’ll try to come…

x-worrior, what is the time difference? sydney is GMT+10 or 11, and the blendercoders meeting starts at midnight

so all of these are correct times

Sunday meetings: 16-18 CEST (GMT 14, Sao Paulo 11, New York 10, LA 7, Sydney 00)

the places timmo and i are looking at have a webconnection, so it could be promising :slight_smile:

this sounds promising. I would have gone to the official blender conference had I not been going to australia but now i get the best of both worlds!

come on guys we need a few more ppl than this isf we really want to get this going. i know that there is treavel involved and what not, but it will be a great experience.


I’m keen - I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, or if I can get to Sydney though…

well i certainly can’t go, due to the travel costs.

unless someone is willing to pay the $550 dollars return trip (that is including airport taxes and crap)

stupid overseas LOL.

i’ll come to one in a few years LOL


Count me in, it’s in my school holidays, so exams be damned =P

Alltaken and others - I personally think that you should arrange your own meeting with others in your city, so Alltaken, try and find some other people in NZ, and for others, my list is still up at http://homepages.ihug.com.au/~smerity/aublenderers.txt and there is a map floating around somewhere (don’t have URL sorry), but it doesn’t really care where you meet up, it’s about the people =)

the map is at http://home.iprimus.com.au/snapper63/index.htm


I’m (3/4) interested in a NZ conference…

sorry for my long absence, i have been so bogged down with work and moving etc, levon was kind enough to sms me about this great oppertunity, i havnt read all of the details so far but im strting to save money for conferences etc such as this one, so no doubt catch me there, theres no way id miss it =)

thanks again for the notice Levon!

hey lohnC no probs. great to see you back, had any chance to do any blending in the time you have been away? where abouts have you moved to? any closer to the city?
its great that you can come :slight_smile:

My yr12 finals are between 29 oct - 19 nov, not his year but ill come next year


hey guys,

It’s time!! finally after months talking about it and then organising (hours of STD phone

calls :P), Australia now has its own conference. Enter BlenderConf.AU 2004.

Location : Sydney
Date : October 23th and 24th
Venue : YHA Sydney Central
Accomodation : YHA Sydney Central

Whilst the conference actually starts on the Saturday we would encourage people to be there Friday night for drinks and the usual get-to-know-you’s.
There will be a cost involved, at this time thats still being finalised, however somewhere around $50 will probably be likely to cover costs of the venue and other incidentals. And the accomodation is $31 per night.
At this stage we are looking definite committments however as long as we are notified by the end of August, if you are coming then expressions of interest are fine. Any other questions can be directed to the organisers by emailing us at [email protected]. If you are interested in coming then please also send us an email containing your name and address, as we need to mail out disclaimer forms, and payment details etc. We have included a template at the end of this message. Thanks guys and we hope that as many of you come as possible for it will surely be a great event, and memorable since its the Inaugural BlenderConf.AU.

Tim & Levon

Email Template (cut & paste into the body)

Given Name:
Elysiun Name:
IRC Name:
Phone #:
Mobile #: