Update! Blender 2.71 RC2 is ready ...

… to download:


Release Notes:


Please read the release notes, test and report bugs to tracker:


Have fun, mib
EDIT: RC2 is running on XP 32 Bit! No need of Redistributable Package.

Hope a dev or someone reads this.
The win 32 bit version wont open. Claims its not a valid 32 bit program.
I am Still on XP though if that’s the problem.

Rebogey, you need the VC2013-Redistributable package and XP service pack 3.

Cheers, mib

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I’ve got sp3 on, but I dident realize VC2013 was free. I’m compiling the git repository ok, and the build bot versions work ok.
Just compiled 7e25083, and it runs ok. I am still using MSVC2008.
Build Bot 9d0cf52 works ok.
Just the RC1 Im having trouble with.

I see, just putting the “redistro” on now, and will try again.

No, still not a valid win 32 app.

Do I need to go to the bug tracker.

Those new interpolation types are fun!

Well, just tested on my old XP sp3 install with VC2013-Redistributable and so far a no go. Blender may have said good-bye to XP.

Hi XP user, this is an error for the 32 Bit version and it is fixed but the build on b.org server is not updated atm.
If I get some news I will post here.

Cheers, mib

Good to know XP isn’t officially dropped at the moment of this release. :eyebrowlift:
(Buys us a little bit more time with some Blendering…)

But I figure it will be an eventuality. If so, it’s something that should be in release notes when it finally does come up.

To note; If Blender doesn’t become the catalyst to move you over to Win7/8 or Mac or Linux, the viruses that take advantage of unfixed security holes will :wink:

We actually replaced WinXP with Elementary Linux on an old netbook that we barely use these days, if not just so it can remain a usable machine.

if you have an old machine i suggest you switch to linux,
xubuntu would do well with old hardware.

you can get any flavor of linux here


Major armature bug found and reported. Any edit mode bone manipulation. If anyone cares to confirm.

Yes I can confirm the bone bug in edit mode, blender crashes instantly. (Linux Mint 17 X64)

I can’t maximize top,front and left ortho from quad view is that some kind of joke frome developers or this is somethink new advanced feature

Hi raylight75, if this work in 2.70a and not in RC you should report it to the bugtracker.

Cheers, mib
EDIT: Do you meant maximize a single window?
You cant also do this in 2.70a.

Maximizing a single window from a quad view was never possible… You can only maximize windows with a header. Quad view is one window with one header. If you want more detailed explanations ask in the support/ basics and interface forum, someone will help you out there.

@raylight75 & @DruBan: Actually, it used to be possible, even up to 2.70a. Apparently, they changed something and it sounds like it’s not a simple fix. I reported this problem last week here.

Dru read carefull what is question, this is native function for every serious software, btw everythink work fine in 2.70a even when lock button is enabled i can maximize which means that something has changed in next builds. It’s a bug in 3d navigation-every bug in native fuction like vieport navigation is big problem-or this is somethink advanced feature.

What do you mean by maximize? Because the behavior DruBan describes is what I get in 2.70, you can’t maximize the individual quad views but you can only maximize the main window irrespective of whether lock is toggled on or off. I am assuming by maximize it is the same as pressing “shift-space” on a window.

Let me download 2.69 and check.

Regarding quadview, looks as if this new behavior is actually a fix for a previous buggy behavior. At least in 2.69 you can indeed choose to which view you exit to when leaving quadview, but you would always lose the user perspective. So, if you first have your carefully positioned user view and enter or leave quadview, you would always lose that and be presented with one of the 4 standard views. Now your user camera will be stored so you can always enter quadview safely. The 3 orthogonal views you can always go to with the number keys anyway. I think this is an improvement.

don’t know if this counts but the node switch thing (shift+s) doesn’t have volumetric shaders