Update: Blender Studios Hollywood

hey, I’m working on this scene right now

I’d like to render it with yafray, but on a test render I did (before any textures were on, I’m a little on the impatient side, I know) I get this: http://goeland86.no-ip.org/project/universal-blender/photo/yafray-render.jpg
which is a little problematic, since it means that yafray doesn’t use the alpha mapping.
Anyone have an idea how to solve the problem?

What benefit of YafRay do you hope to get?

That scene doesn’t seem to need it.

When I first started blending I compared the Blender3d.org galler to that at YafRay.org and became fixated on YafRay, which turns out to be slow and frustrating beast.

Again, what is it you want to do in YafRay?

I reccomend doing it in Blender’s internal renderer.

the interest in yafray is much better shadows, and I’m trying to go for a realistic result, which the internal renderer will have trouble doing. slow renders aren’t my problem. I’m also trying to learn how to use yafray along the way too. Also to get much better reflections and more complete lighting I think yafray’s better.

A combination of a well buffered spotlight(s), a high sample raytraced area light(s) - (a large one), ambient occlusion, and raymir will give you plenty good shadows and reflections. Sorry to disagree, but I really don’t think this scene will benefit from YafRay.

ok, maybe not the scene, but me perhaps? Besides, it’s annoying, because it’s supposed to support it but it doesn’t work.

Okay, well that is certainly fair enough. :wink:

I dunno. Again, I don’t life YafRay, so for all I know it doesn’t support red objects or those containing fluffy pink bows. Sorry I can’t help.

Goeland the only help I can offer is to use objects to emit light instead of actual lamps, that seemed to work for me (not sure about alpha).

BTW how did you end up straightening out the earth textures?

Vulcankid, I straightened them out by rotating the sphere with the continents, and then parenting it to the “wire” sphere, so that it rotates just a touch off axis, but the mapping makes that invisible.

If you figure out how to do alpha maps with yafray let me know… Using a pre2.34 build it still doesn’t seem to work correctly.

If you figure out how to do alpha maps with yafray let me know… Using a pre2.34 build it still doesn’t seem to work correctly.

You mean you can’t do it either? I thought it was supposed to be supported? I use pre2.34 as well… and cvs yafray as well.
Damn. I thought it would work… guess not. I’ll export to povray in the meantime then.
Thanks for telling me it’s not just my problem but a software issue. I guess it’ll have to be paused until the yafray/blender integration gets further.

BTW, the images probably don’t appear right now. That’s because my website is on my laptop, which is currently disconnected from the network. Sorry for the confusion.

EDIT: the post I made on yafray.org is here http://www.coala.uniovi.es/~jandro/noname/forum/viewtopic.php?t=871
It seems that part of the problem is from yafray, although it’s supposed to be supported. To make a long story short, you need to add an alpha channel to the texture that’s going to do the alpha mapping for now. I’m doing a render with a an alpha-ized alpha-map, to see if that solves the problem.

have you tried distrubuted raytracing? that could help w/ the shadows.

ok, I just finished the first texturing phase… nothing fancy yet. In fact, the sphere is supposed to be metallic. I also finished the animation before I started texturing. I gave up on yafray. No matter what I tried, it gave me funky results for way too time-consuming renders. video here: http://goeland86.no-ip.org/project/universal-blender/media/rotation.avi

and of course the image:

Nice image so far, but something that illuminated should have a brighter background.

the trees are bad.

Otherwise, the globe looks really good except for the blueness.

I know about the trees, and it’s still a wip. The globe looks blue because the background is supposed to be blue, and it isn’t, and I dunno why. The world settings don’t show black anywhere, and the “Real” button is set. So I need to figure that one better. I also redid the lighting, but haven’t re-rendered yet.

first off i can’t see the image - probably server down

second you can’t use the name blender - at least i don’t think you can
this name is a registered name and is entitled to the original software thus by you using the name in your studio name it is like saying cause i use microsoft windows xp for my os that i am going to call my software Microsoft Windows Studios! as you can see bill gates would have a hay day! i doubt if blender would ever come after you and the fact that you aren’t a real studio as of yet makes very little promise that they would care (i am not saying blender doesn’t care just they shouldn’t care about a small thing like this) So just to keep everything on the up and up i’d change the name to something else. :wink:

I thought that Blender was now open-source, and I wasn’t going to use this as my own logo, I was thinking of submitting it for a Blender-user website. I know there may be copyright issues, but I clearly say in the description that it’s a parody of the Universal Studios. Any problem that might arise is going to come from Universal Studios, not Blender. And to be honest, I think it’s my right to parody what I have seen. They may have patented the name, but I don’t use the name they have on the movies, it’s an imitation of the Universal Studios sphere on display in front of the Universal Studios park in Hollywood. So, can they sue me for parodying a monument?

I think you could use the blender name in an image, much like how many people put the blender logo in images. Just don’t make your own software and call it blender.

I don’t know how to code, so I think you can be assured I won’t.

latest update, with a blue horizon. http://goeland86.no-ip.org/project/universal-blender/photo/blender-studios-color-2.png