UPDATE: critiques please

Hey, happy thanksgiving, everyone :slight_smile:

A week or so ago I posted a scene for critique…and you guys were rutheless! :slight_smile:
I appreciated your suggestions a lot, because I was able to go off and learn a lot by following the lines…I really love this forum. FYI: I am resisting all urges to touch up these renders in photoshop, as they’re for animations.

That earlier thread was: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=82161

Here is a new model of the jet.
I have 3 main concerns at the moment:
a) with flares and halo affects…does the halo always stop at the next object, unlike when seen by the human eye? am i missing a setting (?), or did i think i saw it say something like that in the wiki-manual

b) i need to learn about depth of field (particularly on the wing farther away from us) but there are new scripts coming? i’d like to experiment more with mist settings, because are they similar to d.o.f.? I never end up going there, because it always (for me) makes the entire mesh disappear…(!)

c) my textures…they look a little ‘painting’ like. I do like that look, and it comes from my photoshop work…it’s just my style I guess. Right now, the main body of the jet has about 4 text-layers (bmp, etc)…but how would you advanced users go about making something more photorealistic? Just so maybe one could if they needed to…

Anyway, here it is…use both barrels :o

oh, ps - thanks Madcow, for the awesome skies!!! and The M.h.p.e. for helping me find the right reference photos


Oh, i’m noticing one thing that bothers me…the last windows at the tail…they stretch. I think it’s okay in this model, as there is a lot of movement, etc.

But basically, that’s because I had to resort to a ‘project-from-view’ unwrap…I can’t get unwrapping to open up in any logical way! :mad: I know it’s my own blenderblunders…but i just can’t: the vertices end up crazy, and the mesh is very simple.

is there a great tutorial for unwrapping that really covers the spectrum of what’s needed to make great UV’s?

Wow. Is that that plane that was against the green sky? Cause man, that is a tremendous improvement and I didn’t even think the original was that bad.

So, unwrapping. How did you try to unwrap before? Did you try LSCM/Least Squares Conformal? Cause that isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it and the results are fantastic.

the last windows at the tail…they stretch

I didn’t notice that… and I still haven’t! Do you mean vertically?
Anyway, nice picture, a massive improvement over the other one (which was pretty amazing anyway). As for your 3 problems, I’m afraid I’m too new to Blender to be able to answer any of them.:o

Thumbs way up! That’s very well done!
You might want to go a tad easier on the reflection though…depends on what type of plane
you’re doing, however, too much reflection makes things seem plastic-like and unrealistic.

Keep going! Great work, man!

With a photo taken from a distance like that, it’s almost certainly going to be focused on infinity and everything that you see there will be sharp. This is a scene in which you really don’t want to use depth of field blur, it’ll make things look very strange and miniature.

The only thing that bothers me (except the reflection as said M.h.p.e.) is that the sun in the sky has the same color than the red lights and is just behind the engine. So it’s quite confusing in the reading of the image (I don’t know if I’m clear ?): we could think it’s the engine that makes this light.
And the stars on the light are too sharp for me too.
Except that, I don’t see anything to say… Good job

Thank you for that, everybody. I feel like I’ve had a chance to learn from all of you. I go through all (or at least a lot of) your older threads, and follow up that way

re: the sharpness of the lines (in the halo) - I’m trying to understand if these can be set with more transparency, and that ‘half circle’ thing, where they contact the object. I think our eyes (in reality) see them as a complete circle, which obscure an object, yeah?
i wonder how to do this…without compositing that is.
note: i remember this time i saw a little short about them filming the ‘enterprise’ models, and how they did seperate passes, one of the ship, and one just the lights…and then composited them.

Broken: thanks for the advice re: d.o.f. - there is just that slight extra sharpness in these renders than in say, photography, right? i think what i’m looking for is a way to have the farther elements just SLIGHTLY more affected by the atmosphere…is that right? it’s beyond me at the moment :slight_smile:

BLACKBOE - do we still have LSCM?
i am really looking fwd to having a grasp of unwrapping the way you and others do…this was such a work-around in this case

This IS a whole new model, btw…the last one seemed cool to me. But then i looked at it later, and it did look rather plastic and undefined. i knew i’d need a close up for this/these next shot(s), so…hey, make a new one, then i’ll go back and append it into the earlier one too, with some modifications for the far distance, i imagine

btw, is HeavilyTessilated still on the forum these days? i wonder if they’d have some thoughts about this, too

anyway, thanks everybody…blenderforum rules

“btw…the last one seemed cool to me. But then i looked at it later, and it did look rather plastic and undefined.” I’m like that alllll the time. Yeah. XD I finish something and I’m like “Yes! Truly this is my greatest work evar!” and then a month goes past and I look at it again and it’s all I can do not to throw it out.

anyway, unwrapping isn’t an art, you just hide the seam where people are less likely to notice. :stuck_out_tongue: