[UPDATE experimental] Yafaray for windows 2006/12/27

Hello, Lynx3D works on a new branch of yafray : Yafaray

After some talking with Lynx3D, I finally arrived to have a windows compilation.

There is no installer, you have to create a key in the registry.
extract the archive in the blender 2.42a directory, you will have blender4yafaray.exe and a new directory yafaray.
Open regedit and go to:
Now 2 possibilities :

  • you don’t have yafray installed from yafray installer:

Right click on Software and do New, key (I have a french regedit, I think the menu says new and key) and call the new key YafRay Team now go to the explication below.

  • you have yafray installed from yafray installer or you add manually the key Yafray Team

you have the key YafRay Team, click right button on it and do New, key , call the new key Yafaray

Select Yafaray and in the right window click right button and do New, String value, call the new key InstallDir double click on it and put the directory where you have the 2 plugins yafarayplugin.dll and yafraycore.dll
My key in the registry is (you can save this in yafaray.reg, changing my directory (with \ instead of ) and merge it:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Normally now you can use blender4yafaray.

Important, yafaray works only when XML is disabled and this is experimental.

Downloads zip and 7zip at : http://blendertestbuilds.de/index.php?dir=Testbuilds/Blender/Windows/lguillaume/Blender_yafaray/060920/

i dunno but for me it works without an instaler…

I can’t render :frowning: When I push F12 Blender crash every time.

All right, I was wanting to use Yafray for a scene, but Yafray didn’t have translucency. Awsome! Will there be SSS?

EDIT: The download links don’t seem to be working. They are taking a long time. (I live in the USA, though)

vitaly, do you disable XML? If not, you use normal Yafray. You have to add Yafaray, else Yafray is used (only with XML enabled) or crash

What do you have in console.
If you have:

  • Error loading yafray plugin: (corehandle) => Blender does not found yafraycore.dll

  • Error loading yafray plugin: (handle) => Blender does not found yafarayplugin.dll

  • Error loading yafray plugin: (constructor) => Blender does not arrive to import Yafaray.

blendertestbuilds seems to be down, you can get the zip file from : http://lecocqguillaume.chez-alice.fr/compilation/blender_yafaray.zip

I think SSS is not yet in yafaray, but with yafray, normally yes but with tweaking the XML file, look in Yafray forum.

I like! Thanks, I’m going to play with it now. The download was downloading, but it didn’t show in my download bar.

Yes, I have That, but don’t understand why, because my path in the registry is correct :confused:

May be because Win64?

And in the registry, the key have the name Yafaray?


But in the console get:
Couldn’t FIND registry key for yafray, is it installed?
Error loading yafray plugin: (corehandle)

Ok I found the error:
I have another “Yafray Team” under the Wow6432Node.

Y think thi’s because WinXP64.

Now it works nice, thanks by your help :wink:

Ok, It’s in to much early state for me :rolleyes:

Good luck with the development of this renewed renderer :wink:

New Yafaray:

exporter update:
- fixed some windows errors

  • added experimental export of HDR background with IBL
  • added experimental export of bump textures (though only bump OR color are exported)
  • updated a few changed parameters…

Uh…hundreds of little changes
- blenderMat now inherits from nodeMat too (removed some duplicate code, but not all yet)

  • cleaned up the whole shader stuff a bit
  • first try at bump mapping, though only works with UV mapping so far
  • fixed more stupid bugs in integrators
  • various cleanups like excessive debug output etc.
  • some windows fixes (buffer.h)

Downloads for windows:
You need to correct regedit like in others post, no installation.

Anyone have any pretty pictures?

Uh…hundreds of little changes

  • blenderMat now inherits from nodeMat too (removed some duplicate code, but not all yet)

ok does that mean the material node somehow start to work with yafray as well?

cekuhnen, I don’t know if material node is used by the exporter, better is to ask Lynx3D on irc, when I see his, I will ask.

Now I download Inno setup and ma ke an installer for Yafaray, no news since September 27th only installer : http://blendertestbuilds.de/index.php?dir=Testbuilds/Blender/Windows/lguillaume/Blender_yafaray/060929/&file=Yafaray%20setup.exe

And Blender currecnt CVS for Yafaray and with sculptmode patch compressed in 7zip (2.38MB) or zip (3.18MB)

Hope installer works for you, I erase the key in registry and try the installer, it works, WinXP, don’t know for others.

The functionality of the “blenderMat_t” (which is not really blender-specific at all so far) didn’t change by that, just moved code to an abstract base class.
You may know that the old shader system had nodes even long before blender had. However, the system was not quite as sophisticated as blender’s node system, it would just recursively execute the nodes from the root, and if a node is used for 5 inputs it gets calculated 5 times.
I lend some ideas from blender’s nodes, but they’re still quite a bit simpler, but i want to keep it compact for now.

I am indeed currently investigating how to access blenders nodes, but due to the limitations of my nodes concept, definitely not every shader network will just be translatable to yafray.
In general:

  • my nodes by definition have exactly one output. While that doesn’t affect possibilities much, it prevents a 1:1 mapping to blender nodes, you’d have to “split” nodes with multiple outputs.
  • the root is by definition exactly one material, not an “output” node.

Can I suggest including some missage that identifies Yaf(a)ray as the render engine working? In the console windows I mean, while rendering… to provide some ‘situational awareness’ to yafaray users. ‘yafaray experimental’ or something like this

Second, in the WIN instalation, in the installation process, I suggest give some hints about how to actually launch both a Yaf(a)ray render or a Yafray render from Blender, once yaf(a)ray is installed, and repeat that info on in new WIN compilation posts, to make thinks easier to new WIN testers.

Thanks you Lguillaume and Lynx3D

I will certainly remove XML button and put two toggle button Yafray and Yafaray, it will be easier for people to know what render engine he is using.

But I will wait for next update of Yafaray.

New version of blender and yafaray:

I remove XML button and put two buttons : Yafray and Yafaray.
Note: Uninstall last Yafaray if you have one, I will look into Inno setup to make automatic uninstall/install.

Yet more change of class hierarchy…
textureImage_t now is an abstract base class whose factory decides which
kind of texture is actually needed. RGBE textures now also use the
interpolation code of image texture. However the exposure adjust is dead
Oh and don’t forget to delete the old rgbe_texture plugin before
installing this revision.
Fixed some some desctructor related bug with the last hierarchy change
Added some more modes to the mix node (9 in total now, copied from
blender http://www.yafray.org/forum/images/smiles/icon_razz.gif)

exporter update
changes throughout the whole export files this time, albeit with little
effect to functionality…in theory it’s even faster now.
totally forgot the UVs still got exported flipped in v-direction.
added first try at exporting shader nodes (which cause those changes),
but to be actually usefull, blender really should have proper mapping
within texture nodes…lot of guesstimating here.

Download :
Blender nad Yafaray can be found at http://blendertestbuilds.de/index.php?dir=Testbuilds/Blender/Windows/lguillaume/Blender_yafaray/061001/
Copy blender4yafaray.exe in your blender directory