-update, finally done- Silent Harbor

(update pg.2)
Spent quite a bit of time on this and was going for realism. C&C are welcome!

that looks so great so you aren’t going to texture it… (or it would be in the WIP forum

Looks like it textured and then been made into black and white, because you can see on the wall that it has been texured. That is what I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Have a nice day!

I guess the only thing that looks unreal to me is the roof, it doesn’t look like individual planks. What’s the dog kennel looking object in the bottom left?

A very nicely textured image and pleasing to look at.

Wow, that’s a very nice image.
But the wood pillars are to clean imho, maybe you could try to make them darker at the bottom, as if they were rotten/stained by the water.

This is a really nice peice.

Some things to note:

a) Your texture on the building wall is very repetetive and it clearly shows. Try and paint your own texture for the wall so it looks more natural and not so uniform.
b) I agree about the roof. Doesn’t look right. But that is an easy fix.
c) The posts in the water need to be darker and more aged. These mooring posts are typically a very dark brown and very saturated from the water. If they are dryer near the top, then they will look the colour you have, but will transition to a darker colour towards the water, where the capillary action will be suckinbg the water into the post, causing it to darken from the water saturation.


Not much left to crit in addition to what others have said, this is very nice. Only thing I notice is how bright and new the window frame seems compared to the weathered wood, maybe add a bit of dirt to this too?

Nice image. You can hear the water lapping against the pylons. The waves though, since you are going for photo, are only bumped and not actually there. I would think adding a simple hi-res sub-surf to the water geometry and a seperate displacement channel would make the image all that much more believable.

overall very nice job :smiley:

I agree with the others about the roof, also the walkway and pilings are too clean / they don’t match the weathered look of the building

a little broken glass might help :smiley:


Nice job… I guees the windows looks a bit plastic though… :slight_smile:

I’m going to change the things suggested but thought I’d post the origional render color version:

I like it, besides the little texture errors its beautiful. I love your water as well. Keep it up!

Very well done…

I like the color version better than the B&W. The window frames really stand out in the shot (this is not a good thing) - they need to be made a bit more subtle.

Also, the shadows on the water underneath the pier are too pronounced to be real.

Keep up the great work!

Nobody has mentioned this, but proportions seem to be wrong on somethings.

At least in most cases, the wooden pillars only extend about a foot or two over the dock.

The door is also too smal, which is why one person even thought it was a dog kennel. And if you compare the door to the wrungs on the ladder (which i imagine would be metal, not wood, in this setting), then the space from one step to the next on the ladder is almost the height of a man!

The rope guiderail to the far right has the same problem, it looks like it’s about 6 feet tall!

Some seagulls or something would add to the realism. Hope that helps!

cool! The water came out very well

Is really great!

sorry, I’m still working on the updates, I had to work today. Anyway Artistotle metioned the proportions and such are wrong. I dont know alot about harbors sence I live in west texas but here is my reference picture:


Some good looking moss there. That’s a well done effect. I’d guess from the reference that the roof is covered with shingles but does it really matter? Tin roof is fine (although the stripes are showing anti-aliasing ;)).

How big would a human be in that pic?

Very nice job on the update indeed.