update for soft body?

Ok, so I’m trying to learn how to use soft body modifier, and I found a simple tutorial, but it appears out of date. I’m using the latest and greatest, 247:


It’s right there in the URL–for example, it says to adjust the “E Stiff” value on the body you’re applying the modifier to. That doesn’t seem to be there any more. What is the equivalent?

Also, and more importantly, it says that on the object I want to collide with, I need to go into the Particle Interaction tab, and activate “Deflection.” Well, there’s no Particle Interaction tab, only “Particle Buttons”, “Particle System” in there, and an Extras section which has a “Size Deflect” button. So anyway, after jacking around with all that, my object falls straight through any objects beneath it.

Help! Blender is improving too fast for me to follow :slight_smile: Kinda hard to complain, really! But I’d appreciate any input.

“E Stiff” is now separated into Pull and Push stiffnesses. Previously the Pull and Push values were always equal, now you can adjust those edge stiffnesses separately.

What used to be called “Deflection” in some places and “Collision” in others is now uniformly “Collision,” so look for the collision values to set this up.

For an in-depth resource on particles, soft bodies, rigid bodies, forces, cloth, fluids, and more, you might be interested in checking out the book in my signature (there is also a teaser video and free downloadable sample chapter available there). It is completely up to date for 2.46 (although, I confess, there is one erroneous screenshot that still says “deflection” instead of “collision”… indeed, things do change fast!).

Thanks bugman!

I’ll check out your video and stuff, too :slight_smile:

A bit old but definitely younger and more informative than what you have dug out