update futur hull

i was work on space hull scene in glsl time how you think about i need more tutiorial on bge new one fighting system ai and more please any one think you :smiley:


it looks good do you have a tut to show how you made it ?

you want tutorial of it cool wow think you i try my best i get old about 31 year old try but i need more people say then want a tutorial of it i love to give one asap

it looks awesome and i really want to learn how to make it :slight_smile: . thanks

Look good
A trip: in your scene i can cont 7 lights. you should reduce this number for your scene run more faster. Try a Bake Light.
Good work and Good Luck! xD

Those are some sweet looking textures!
Did you make them yourself, or where did you get them?

do you want the model it ok think you i will show how it to do it they just cubes and planes

yes i got them off the cd i have 3d game environment it a good book only 3d s max but i follow along tutorial in blender

think you all

can we see the blend . that would be awsome

This looks really great! I can’t get normal maps working lol but u did a good job

Totally agree. Bake the light and add just one hemi light. You should also retexture the back door, cuz it looks way to blurry compared to the rest of the scene. Nice work :smiley:

i cant bake the light some thing wrong and it keep crashing so now i just delete two light s in the scene i wil let you see the blend file

http://www.savefile.com/files/2142168 here my file space hull

looks great!

update space hall a character from gear of war


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