Update : German Moped->Hercules K50 (new image on pg. 2)


I’ll do some last improvements, when I got time next week, then I’ll post some 1280x1024 shots.




Well, here’s an 1280x1024 b/w render


More to come soon… :wink:

SWEET :smiley: and thanks!

Hey reset, how did you make the headlight. I’ve been making a bike for a long time now too and have been having trouble with the head light.


That was not difficult at all, an image says more than tousand words:


Tha lamp has to be modelled like it is in real life.

You need one cone as reflector, a light bulb and the main glass for the lamp.
The reflector is 90 percent reflective chrome. The light bulb has a glass material with 0.200 Alpha and IOR of 1.3, the same for the lamp glass. (See picture) Then you map an ordinary black/white pattern onto the glass like shown above and set it to normal. Set the material like shown and you’re fine.

There’s still room for improvements, like a little bump text onto the glass, or some crackles or flaws.

Mhh, maybe I’m goin’ to write a tutorial, we’ll see. :wink:

Hope that helped.



Wow, that’s pretty interesting. I’d like to see a full tutorial, as I’m sure this topic will come up occasionally, considering the number of car and motorcycle renderings there are. Very nice, I’ll make sure to give you credit.

So far the only problem that I can see is in the materials. Your modeling is heavenly but right now the bike stands out because the surroundings are so grimy but the main subject of hte picture, the bike, is flawless.

the bike stands out because the surroundings are so grimy

Well, I know, but I’m still improving my texturing skills. Baking photorealistic textures, is not an easy job…

Thank you for your comments.

(And yes, a tutorial is already in my mind ;))