[UPDATE:June 27]First head wip, c&c welcome


I started this on Sunday and have spent about 3 maybe 3 1/2 hours so far.

I was surprised at how easy it has been so far, but I havent done the ears or eyes yet :-? .

I know there are a few problems around the lips (which are a bit too full) but other than that i cant see any major problems.

Any comments and criticisms are very welcome.

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Very good! only problem I see is you dont know how polygons go around a face… but for a firest head this is mind blowing… btw who is that?


Very good first head, I’m a bit worried of creases and proportions in the lower part…

keep it up


It’s a bit hard to suggest improvements without a wire-pic - but it looks like you’ve got far too many edges from the corner of the mouth stretching out over the cheek/jaw-area. It’s quite important to get a topology that reflects the muscles and bone structure beneath the skin.

But as a first head, it looks really good!

yeah, a wire and a squizz at that texture would be rockin


I will upload a wireframe later (need to get the file). I am going to try and smooth out the area around the mouth and play a bit more with the proportions.

It was done by rotoscoping (im not sure if its a verb!) using pics from 2 people, they were on 3dluvr i think.

I cant decide whether it looks like a man or a woman. Either a masculine woman or a femenine man.

Back soon

i’d say the part were the lips end at the side seems to be pulled frontwards too much, his mouth needs bendings, like in the middle of the lips ands on the upper lips

OK, sorry I havent posted in so long, I keep forgetting when I am online and remembering when I am almost asleep!

Anyway, back to the head. I have sorted the creases in the lower area, added the rest of the head in (except for the ears).
The eyes are wrong, I know. But I am not sure if they are too far apart, too small, the wrong shape or all of the above, some guidance here would be excellent.

  • I have added some wire pics, as well as some shaded.
  • I will do the ears when the rest is sorted.
  • I think the lips are too fat, does anyone agree?
  • The texture can be found on 3dluvr.com, look at any head tutorials you find, the link should be in one of those.

Please be as critical as you can, I want to learn as much as possible, so dont hold back on and crits even if they are tiny. Also any suggestions on how to continue/improve are greatly welcome!

Onto the link ======|:.