(Update) Living Mech, animation

(theeth) #1


basic demo of the motion. I’ll probably be adding a flamethrower bit at the end, and some parts of walking and turning.

What do you think?


(S68) #2

Hohoho, awesome,

Material is really nice and animation is veeeery good.

Clip is very short… yes, you should add something, and wings are pretty small. Usually insects have those hard wings you did, but beneath there are true wings, which are folded, hence when they flight they extend and are roughtly twice as long…

Stefano (Who is rendering his final image & details :stuck_out_tongue: )

(BgDM) #3


Ditto on the material. Looks great.

The motion at the end seems a little too mechanical though. Flow it some more to make it more natural.

I agree on the wings as well. They should be larger.


(Idgas) #4

WOW!! Really cool great job on the animation. I agree with the above. You should make the wings longer, and bigger. like S68 said about twice as long

(kaktuswasse) #5

wohooo!!!Great job!

cya henrik

(theeth) #6

that’s a bit older, but I never showed them. They are all around view of the model (the mpg and avi are the same)



(valarking) #7

AWESOME! it;s progressed SO much. VE-ERY cool.

(0ptikz) #8


Thats one sexy mantis thingy theeth!

(JarellSmith) #9

Wow, nice work theeth.

I really like the design, especially the eye’s rotating cover. The hacking motion at the end looks very good. I like the material for the body.

The things I would change would be the material around the iris (the eye housing) now it’s a dull grey, I would make it more like the body’s copper color, but a bit lighter so it stands out.

Also, I think with the size of the mantis, and those pointy tip legs, that they would dig in into the dirt a bit more (or maybe they do and I just don’t see it…)

Finally, when the mantis lands, it would be cool to see the springy part of the legs flex a bit to absorb the impact.

(theeth) #10

new animation, same url


(S68) #11


liked the flamethrower idea… maybe your flames should cast some light?


(HpyGoCrazy) #12

That camera work is pretty good. I also like the model too. But I hope the fire was just a test. With that good of a model you don’t want crappy looking fire.

(theeth) #13

yes, the fire is just a test.

I still need to tweak the texture a lot, add some random motion and gravity, play with the spread…

S68: yeah, I’ll do just that.


(pofo) #14

:o Great work theeth. I think this must be the best I’ve seen by you so far (maybe I’ve missed something) and it’s really amazing.

let’s see
good model?.. check
good textures?.. check
good lighting?.. check
good animating?.. check
good elvis imitator in the background?.. nope :wink:

Seems like it’s almost perfect, just needs some surroundings (and I don’t think an elvis is what’s needed). Well, I guess you’ve already got ideas for that.

  1. pofo

(theeth) #15

final version

I didn’t have enough time to add lighting to the fire :frowning: and to add thingy to the environement. I guess it’s all about the creature 8)




(Ecks) #16

That new texture kick some big ass!!! Keep up the good work!!

(jvais essayer de venir au montreal meeting mais je pense po que je vais pouvoir…desolé) :frowning: