Update Menu?

Im sure this is noob, but… ive been searching for the Update Menu… Im following a tutorial, which says…

Now, go back into the scripts window, and in its menu, click ScriptsUpdate Menus

I dont see “Scripts” and I dont see Update Menus…

Anyone? Sorry, ive been googling this for about an hour…

Using 2.6x

That is for blender pre version 2.5
This is no longer relevant for current versions. Addons are now used in place of scripts. You can enable/disable/install addons in the User Preferences / Addons panel.
I’d suggest you use tutorials that are current rather than very very old ones like the one you have.

any suggestions on exactly where to find the newest tutorials? Google sends you in every direction? Ive been playing with the console, and am dying to get to it. I dont really need to learn the “language” it seems like a very simple one. I just need to know how to “make it happen” in blender.
Thank you very much.


Lol. :spin: Thx.