UPDATE : My Buzz LightYear 3D model






looking pretty good so far; you might sharpen up some of those edges to give it the more plasticky look


Its cuz the counter is broken! :mad: And noone is fixing it!!! well i shouldn’t say that. Cz maybe they are…But yeah the “Views” Counter just shows 1 more than the replies counter.

Model is looking better,
There are a couple of ways you can go about removing the subsurf modifier.

  1. just delete the modifier and add edge loops only where you need them to smooth out the model. Adding this loops manually will cut down on the total number of polygons dramatically as apposed to using a subsurf modifier.
  2. apply the subsurf modifier, then retopo over it to get the same contours as you have in the subsurfed version with fewer polygons. then delete the high-poly version or use it for a normal map.

thanks Asano :slight_smile: I’ll try your suggestions.

i wouldnt’ see a reason to delete the subsurf modifier; you can add extra loops (ctrl+R) near the “corners” to give a sharper edge. the subsurf will keep it nice and smooth every where else.

Asano was actually commenting about using the model on Blender GE, blender gets laggy if I use the subsurf modifier on the game engine so he suggest that it would be better if I toned down the use of the subsurf modifier if I were to use this 3D model on the game engine.

ah ok. must’ve missed that particular thread…