[Update : New Images] Sunset in Outback Oz

well i havent posted anything for a while so i think its about time. i got the inspiration from an image of just out side Alice Springs in central Australia. anyways comments are more than welcome, i may make small change if a good idea comes up.


edit : there is also a 1600*1200 version for those interested : http://home.iprimus.com.au/snapper63/sunsetbig.jpg


Great picture, mood, lighting and setting!
The only thing I can complain of is the plants are too stiff/rigid/straight.

Perhaps you could consider building a lattice cage all around, parent your plants to it, and then deform the lattice in order to deform accordingly your vegetation.

Setting a few IPOs, this could be a cool way to animate your vegetation, as if slightly moved by a gentle breeze :slight_smile:

It has mood. Maybe you should fix those anti-aliasing issues on some of the blades of grass.
Keep it up.

Nice, the grass could be made to look softer.

im not sure what you mean by make the grass softer, but i tried using the lattice idea to bend it and couldnt get it to look any different to what i t already does…maybe ill redo the grass from scratch



Would go very well on a website. :smiley:

Good to see some good Australian work being produced.

Are you Australian? I am. :smiley:

Anyone else here?

thanks redbyte, yes i am australian as are many others in the community.

check out this post which i started at the beginning of the year to find all the aussies who use elysiun https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=19787&highlight=aussie


That sky is awesome. You might be able to leave the grass as is if you tell everyone it is a species of spinifex grass. Their leaves are usually rather rigid and pointy.

For the record, I’m Australian as well (Gold Coast born and bred)

Given the rest of the scene, I’d say that the grass shouldn’t be much softer at all. Maybe a little bit, but I would expect a spinifex grass.

Soething in the distance looks a wee bit to green though. [EDIT: Is that the sun?]

Hey, look at me, I’m an Aussie, too! Wee!

Looks good, but with that high contrast and backlighting, put it through the glow sequence plugin. It should improve the silhuet effect considerably!

Australian here. :smiley:

I like this picture by the way - maybe it’s because I’m Australian - do you think?


Ooh, how nice mood your scene has. That background is just perfect.

It really does not bother that smaller pic, but it’s way too clear on thta bigger one, that all those branches and grass blades are straight as an arrow. Maybe making little bit of variation on them?

Other than that, very nice.

thanks for all the comments guys…Ive done a couple of more images up based on the comments…i can’t really decide which one i like so i posted all three :wink: and further crits would be appreciated…and yes for all those who like to nit pick i know that this is finished projects…too bad i decided after i posted the original to try again.


the first one has some nice yellow rays shining through the grass to try and give it some depth.

this one i changed the colour to a pink for the halo spot which gave a nice look of depth to the trees in the background and some nice pink highlights on the leaves.

and this is a pp’d version of above just to see what would happen…i think it has a nice stylistic feel but isnt really what i wanted.