Update on Amadeus project

Current status:
I am still working on texturing things. The jeans still need work, obviously, then on to hair, sigh. (Every time I touch Blender it is updated with new and bewilderingly more powerful and complex systems.)

The shoes I snagged from the net, and Kailee’s body is a somewhat modified makehuman. Everything else is entirely my design, as is the rig, but ‘nuff about that here. For those interested, my last posting on this project was here; I am unsure if I should have just updated that posting, but since this is about a simulation issue, I thought this was the more appropriate forum. Please forgive the cheesy HDRI for the test render — she cannot really walk on water.

I have been working with cloth simulation for the shirt, but I am unsure how to fix a small detail, marked above with the magenta arrow: ⟶ bunching at the armpits. ⟵

Here is another view of the problem:

Here’s the shirt’s cloth modifier. The shirt is a copy that has been subdivided (once) and had the vertices smoothed (twice). The cloth modifier is entirely at default settings except for what you see here:

Kailee’s body has a collision modifier attached to it:

As do Kailee’s jeans and bra (the only difference is that the jeans has a 0.005 Outer Thickness instead of 0.001). I had to turn off “Single Sided” to make it behave when performing collision with an object that has a Solidify modifier attached:

I am using 1 Blender Unit = 1 meter, making the kid about 148 cm = 4′ 10″ tall.

Is there a trick I haven’t found on YouTube or here on the forums for dealing with the armpit pinch / collision issue?

One of the first things I’d look at is a question of scale, especially when it comes to cloth sim, real-world sizes tend to not work out the best.

I made a little video which highlights some of the issues so it may help:

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That is very excellent information! Thank you!
I “liked” your video on youtube

Alas, I hate to be one of those people who posts a question only to post back three minutes later with “nvmnd, I figured it out. I did <insert stupidest stupid thing I did here>”, but…

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and thought to myself, “hey, self, why don‘t you just disable self-collision at the armpits with a vertex group?”

So… I did…

I had to play around with the subdivision density a little as well (and I suspect this is also a scale thing, and I obviously need to mess with the collar too):

This is the duplicate shirt (for simulation). All the unselected vertices are in the no self collision vertex group.

Should this prove problematic I’ll have to play around with scaling everything up by a factor of 10 to run the simulation, but for now I’ll do my best to avoid that grief.

Thank you again!

No Problem. Yeah, nothing like leaving something alone for a bit, till that out of the blue thought pops in ones head, “Hmm, yeah, what if I try doing…”

Using various vertex groups and modifiers to control or limit the amount of influence or impact can make a lot of difference. While mostly setup for cloth simulation, my little animation test (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrC0-vBSHuo) so far has no simulation at all.

The goal being to try and get things looking as good as possible with just basic modifiers and weight painting. In theory I can then add simulation, shape keys, etc to see what if any improvements it makes.