Update on elYsiun.com

(Timothy) #1

Hey everyone,

I just want to use this announcement to give you a small update on elYsiun.com.

You may have noticed that the past 24 hours have been fairly harsh for elYsiun.com. At first we had quite a bit of downtime, followed by quite a bit of errors all over website.
Now these errors were simply caused by my webhost who was busy upgrading the software on all of their servers. All errors that I’ve seen have now been sorted out (for some I had to invent a few work arounds myself). elYsiun should be working completely ok again now.

new elYsiun.com
Today I’ve started recoding elYsiun.com in it’s full. you’ve probably already read about the plans I had, so I won’t tell them again. During every update or backup procedure I will have to shut off all access to the website. Instead you will be forwarded to a webpage which tells you I’m upgrading elYsiun.com. (this will probably happen about once every 2 days for about an hour, and for a couple of hours when the big update comes, but I’ll announce this in time).

New Server
You may have noticed that elYsiun.com is not always very stable, for this reason I’ve been trying to get a new server up and running for some time now. I hope to be able to get my new server up and running within the next 2 months since I ordered the last parts for the server (two harddisks) today. The new server will hopefully be faster and more stable since it will only be running elYsiun.com and a few of my smaller websites. It will also provide me with alot more bandwith, to help elYsiun.com grow.

Thanks for you attention,
and Greetings,
Timothy Kanters

(pofo) #2

Once again, big thanks for keeping this site running.

  1. pofo

(S68) #3

Hei! Great work!

Thanx for all :slight_smile:


(Dittohead) #4

The site’s great! And even if blender never happens the whole community here could convert to another open-source project. And it would benefit greatly.

(SamIam) #5

Various stresses on my personal time kept me from visiting the old Blender site (sniff sniff) for a long while and when I came back it was gone! I have spent a couple of months now thinking it was all over. The Web had become a very lonely place. I found you guys just today. Thanks to everyone who is helping to keep this site going, whoever you may be.