*Update on fist page* "Behind blue eyes"

No one knows what it’s like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes

The Who

Here is my new work made in Blender.
Here is bigger 900x600 version: http://www.grzybu.obywatel.pl/3d/obcy_20041115.jpg

Link to previous version:

Great piece, I’m guessing the motion blur is abstract in a ‘they can’t see him way’ rather than they’re walking incredibly fast, lol!

Good modelling texturing and lighting, all excellent.

I was going to ask why people would just walk past a naked man in an overcoat and not be curious, but then again, he is carrying a shotgun! :smiley:

Naked in the city with a shotgun .

let the fun begin .

I do hope your going to animate it :wink:

Nice work man

Interesting how not even the lyrics help. O well, you either get it, or you don’t :slight_smile:

Mr. Rákóczy, good job, as always, pretty meaningful.

That is awesome, like the mood of the piece.
Why has he no clothes on under his coat.

Good work! I love the idea and the textures on the houses.

The motion blur works very good in this one. Only the street looks strange - should it be water on top of the asphalt?

Bows down before ur greatness :smiley:
One quick question:
How did you do the textures on the buildings?

Did you model the guy, or is it a makehuman model?
Nice work none the less.

this is the kinda stuff that makes blender look incredibly good. excellente !

I always like your work. This is a great image. Moody - cool composition - nice expression on the character’s face.

well… you know how it is, people can’t see your feelings. from outside, you can look pretty happy, but in the inside you are dying.

the general idea of the picture is good… and I like the city and the motionblurriness in it. very good. but I don’t like the gun… I think I just see the “bad” a bit differently.

it’s funny…actually… this is sort of “my area” and I’ve done several paintings/drawings of this kind of subject… one of my favourite topics…
anyways, somehow I’m always doing it the other way around… instead of making people blurry, I’m making my main character transparent, blurry… out of focus… instead of disconnecting people, I disconnect my character.

oh, and one crit about the rendering… as much as I like how the city looks, and the blurry people… the maincharacter looks like he is a game character, maxpayne/hitman… and an actual ingame character. it’s too clean cg compared to the rest of the style.
also, where wall meets the street, you should add a little rougher edge.

other than that, good job…


I think these are fairly small, technical points when the shot itself carries so much impact. The composition is very nice, and it’s tough to do good work in grayscale. The idea of having all the other characters blurred with busy motion, surrounding a main character who’s as motionless as the city and who’s gripping a gun yet lost in thought … is very symbolic and very strong.

It reminds me of a comment made by the musician Jeff Golub in his album, Naked City, about what it feels like to be in Central Park on a rainy evening – surrounded by literally millions of people, yet utterly alone.

A large-output print of this, at the right art gallery, could probably sell for a lot of money.

O, no, no, no, basse, I was reacting to the previous reactions :slight_smile:
Anywho, exactly that’s what I like about this one, it’s quite often done the other way around, this is not that usual (I mean blurring everyone but the subject). And the gun is needed. He is the bad man, after all :slight_smile:

I like it except for the gun. It makes him look more psycho than sad IMO.

I think that the blurring of the people makes sense, since they are too “busy” going about their work and daily lives to notice what is wrong witht he main character. The hurry on and fail to notice, and in the context blurring the surrounding people rather than the man makes sense. Im still in awe of the technical expertise behind the rendering :slight_smile:

yep. that’s what it does. busy people not noticing.
but, what if, he feels not really connected with the people. nothing wrong with people, everything wrong with him ?

I mean… ofcourse you can’t expect everyone to smile at you and help you out… there are millions of us, and everyone have problems. and many times, you can’t see it.


Reminds me of a certain person on these forums. %|

Anyway, it’s a great image, I love the soft lighting.

Thanks for comments.
I know that there are some things to correct from technical point of view, but I don’t think it’s really important.
Human model is from MH. Other stuff is mine. Building textures are made from photos.
Man has gun, and he is naked becouse his “different”. This is last momement before purgation.

There is new version of my work in first post of the topic.

Nice update, the sidewalk and his coat match the environment better now.