Update on the status of importing missing topics

(rogper) #21

Yeah! Correct! I and the people on the thread would only be able to see the images once one of the requirements is acomplished. I’ve made this account on purpuse for the “Opel GT by rogper” thread, and I also recognize the file names. As they say that there are more than 1000 images on the gallery, I know that at least 80% was for the Opel GT. The images are there, they just seem to have blocked the visibility.
… Back then uploading to an external server seemed better and saved bandwidth of the forum. I never imagined that they would sudently change their open services to a paid solution.

I’ve since then created yet one more acount with them (with other e-mail) to host also Opel GT images because they had a limit of 1 GB of images for free (I think)… And I now just verified that, that one, is also down :confused: So the images are scatered by these 2 closed accounts.

They changed their ideas again and now only offer a month for free and no more free space, again blocking all images :frowning: So now instead of one acount it would be need to fix 2 to make all images visible again.

(Photox) #22

OK wow, I’m even more confused now.

If I were to create a paid account with them for a month, would I be able to access these old images. Are the old Weekend challenge images available through these guys? Thanks.

(rogper) #23

Hummm no! I think there is some confusion, sorry I explained my self pourly.

Imageshack server has nothing to do with Blenderartists.org, and never had.
I was the one that decided to, instead of upload the images to the forum, create an acount with imageshack to store all the Opel GT development images. This because, back then (2008), this would allow better looking screens (than just a thumbnail) and was easier for me to manage and upload them.

No, you can’t see the images even if you created a paid acount. I’m the one that would need to pay them for everyone see the images.

Please don’t pay these guys :slight_smile: they change ideas too quick hehe
For example imgur is free for enough time to one believe that will stay free.

(Photox) #24

Ahh, I see now. Thank you for clarifying.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #25

Hello everyone,

it’s time for the final update on this issue. I’m very sorry to have to report that I have decided to not pursue this further. As I mentioned before, we don’t have the attachment files anymore and while we might be technically able to re-import the missing topics as text-only, I have decided that the risk of doing this on an operational forum is simply too big to continue. My worry is that we might end up with thousands of duplicate or corrupted posts and that’s not a situation I can afford to be in.

I’m very much aware that, even though this is a relatively small number of topics, these topics matter to you and I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to restore them.

To try and make up for this situation I’ve made an additional donation of 250 euros to the Blender Development Fund today.

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(SterlingRoth) #26

Thanks Bart.

My wife is an herbalist, and one of the main forums for herbal medicine lost everything in a server transfer, 10 years of archived posts lost in the wind. There were posts by people who have died, the only record of their life’s study wiped away.

A 99.9% success is remarkable and worth celebrating. That .1% is indeed worth mourning, but I take great solace in the relatively seamless (from the user side) transition.

Thanks for your hard work!