Update script only on object name change, or property change in the node graph

Hi there,

First off sorry for the vague question. I wrote an addon, with which I’m hoping to get working in a pipeline more efficient. This addon is a custom Node editor, and based on naming of objects, things like materials, subdivision, visibility gets automatically assigned.
Since in production pipeline we usually work with a variaty of softwares, we constantly rebuild scenes with caches and shaders and lights, etc, so when rebuilding, the shaders and other attributes need to know where to get attached to.

The addon is working pretty fine, however currently I am updating assignments on depsgraph change. So it also updates, when simply clicking in the 3d viewport, or moving an object. Since the script looks through all objects and their names in order to know what to assign to it, this can get really slow.

Ok now finally to my question. Would anybody know how to create a custom event handler instead of using the depsgraph change ? In my case I would want my script to only check for dependencies, when an objects name changes, or when a value in my node tree changes.

here is a screenshot of the current node graph (not that it’s really relevant to my question)

Thanks very much in advanced