update texture mapping on duplicates

I made a plane mesh and assigned a material with an image texture. In the texture Mapping tabe, I selected Generated for coordinates.
Then, I made a bunch of duplicates with Shift D. I then carefully modeled the planes into place.
I then realized that the Generated method did not produce the desired result. I found that the UV coordinates method did what I wanted.
However, only the original plane updated to the new mapping. The other plane meshes showed no texture, but did still show the material diffuse color.
Also, it seems that NEW duplicates of the original plane do indeed have the correct UV mapping.
I could make a bunch of new duplicates, but I just feel that I am missing something where I should be able to get the texture mapping to work on my existing carefully modeled duplicate meshes.
Note: I am not using UV unwrap, I am just using the texture Mapping cooridnates method.

In sense of materials/textures Duplicating mans only, that objects will share the same material (and it’s textures). If you change it, you change it. So I dont really understand your problem. Upload your .blend file.

You do need to UV unwrap it; UV coordinate means assigning coordinate to the image to be displayed on to the face. Unless you UV unwrap the plane onto the image, you haven’t assigned any coordinate.

Thanks for the help.

In trying to recreate the problem, I think I know what happened.
I had a single plane that was mapped using Generated. I then copied those and created a complex mesh.

Then, I UV unwrapped the original and mapped the image. None of the previously copied planes would now show the UV mapping.

So, I set the original back to Generated and made copies from that.
Then, these new copies can now show the UV mapping as expected.

I suspect that the copied planes somehow have copies of the UV wrap data. The originals never had that data and so just changing the original did not update the copies.

I have attached a little blend file.
The single plane on the left is the original. The 3 on the right are duplicates made before I UVunwrapped the original. Change the original to Generated mapping. Hit F12.
Now, change the original plane to UV mapping and hit F12. You can see that the dupes do not show correctly.
Now, make duplicates from the original and twist them around in EDIT mode. Hit F12. These now have the correct mapping.

TextureTest.zip (137 KB)

Shift-D’ing doesn’t mean that that something will be updated later. It’s just that copy at that time when you dupl. it. Play around with ALT+D and see if it fit’s your needs.

You can, on the other hand, make a Linked Duplicate rather than a real duplicate by pressing ALT-D.
This will create a new Object having all of its data linked to the original object.This implies that if you modify one of the linked Objects in EditMode, all linked copies will be modified too.

Interesting about the Alt D I never tried that.

However, it all points to rebuilding that mesh since the pieces will no longer do what I want in their current state.

Oh well, lesson learned. :slight_smile: