[update] The Postman Pat

Hey guys,
I am starting a new thing, my first character model btw, which is a part of scene from the “Postman Pat” stop motion series. I plan to make it look exactly like the real thing, well lets see how far yafray takes me to it.
here is the progress on this

hat and hair needs work
the scene will have his van, houses, cat and more…

c&c welcome

Cute ! :slight_smile:

I like it.

hey Alvaro!,
I was glad to see particles working fine in yafray :smiley:

an update with his van


looks great! Was Pat’s hat really that big though?

thanks deadlyjumpingjonny,
the hat needs some work, but yeah infact its even wider.

here is an update on things
van: almost done, texturing left

scene concept:

pat:clothes finished, to add hands, and the hat as well


I like more the face of the first postman, it is more cartoonish, although some cloths elements you’ve modelled in the last one might be hidden.

Cool idea. The postman looks really cool but especially the car is awesome! This is gonna be a cool project! Keep at it!

you could maybe use motionless particles (but not strands) for Pat’s bushy hair. Just a suggestion. I’m sure you’ve given it thought too.

Thanks for the comments! The face is exactly the same, except the ramp shader and no hair this time :smiley:

hey man, thanks for that !

man, I thought over it, but I am wondering if it would look real enough… maybe I should try it out.

here is the update on the scene
the bridge details are to be done


That sunlight is great. Don’t touch it.

haha you guessed it :slight_smile:
yellow light + blue sky and exposure makes good lighting

cheers mate

here is an update with the trees, but yafray wont render the alpha mapped leaves, even if the ztransp is on. ( trees done with l-system)

rendered with AO in Blender internal

more to come

here is the farmer
sheep is pretty hard to do …


update with the scene now
here is how I plan to make it look
colour test as well, later textures will be up on it…

c&c welcome

Wow!!! That’s looking wicked. I used to love postman Pat!

That really looks alot like the original. He needs hands though.
What are you going to do with it all. Are you going to make a new Postman Pat movie or something?

Thanks cuby !
haha, I dont know about the movie :D, but something to think about seriously…

long time, no update on the characters yet, but trying new setups.
this time I gave indigo a try for photorealism, and I wasnt dissapointed, although I am new to it

c&c welcome

Looks good, but it’s a bit grainy I think. Also the trees looked better when they were brown.

Coming along really well though!

OMG i like Postman Pat still(to a point where i’ll watch it if it is on tv not a huge fan but is gain enough to watch it!)(come’on 17 yr old’ still like thier childhood favourites)
Very good too, keep it up man!

Oh man, great work garphik!

Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat ran over his cat.
All the guts went flying, Pat started crying, Pat will never drink and drive again :smiley:

Some DOF with nodes to make everything look small would be nice…

cuby: thanks for the encouragement !, the reason bout the trees looking a bit wierd was I did not know about materials back then :slight_smile:

ddwagnz: thanks ! and my feelings exactly love those miniature series

Alex_G: thats a nice lil song :wink: the DOF idea is a good un, thanks !

started texturing on a few things, still no update on the cat though :(, its a bit tough… maybe later, the sheep are also incomplete.
but tis just a texturing tester…

P.S.: some texture creeped onto pat’s boots & hat too, it is not the correct one

c & c is welcome