*UPDATE* Toon shading

Here is picture I made for polish competition. Goal of this competition is to make fast and good looking lighting on scene prepared by promoter. No gi and radiosity allowed.
Rendering time on barton 2500 in 1024x768 is 3 minutes.

cool shadow and halo effect. I think it’s just enough, a good balance of light and shadow. :wink:

very cool (another semishort post) i really like the toon shade, with cool lighting, go very good together, specially the halo

it’s very great :smiley:

i always have loved toon render but you shadows are off a bit… and 3 mins? hm… much have some high shadow settings

shadfows are off becuase the light have them against the way when the should be away from the window

There is no wall :slight_smile:
This room has only three walls. It’s not mine scene. I just made lighting.

i like it, and i’ve always loved blender toon shading

I corrected shadows. Now they are in good direction


Cool toon shaded render. :stuck_out_tongue: Great technic. :smiley:

kewl toons!!

Nice, I love the combination between “realistic” lighting and toon shading… gives a nice effect.