Update transition pain

i use blender strictly for 3d modeling objects intended for 3d printing. I have become very proficient with software version 2.79 and when i try to adapt to the new style i feel hopelessly lost. any advice as to whether its really worth the pain of transitioning?

Maybe if you are not interested in eevee or other new features you could stick but I would recommend you make the effort. It was hard for all of us but in the long run you will benefit, blender will keep evolving and you could miss out on some very good new features (not just present but future.)

Eevee is a god send, sculpting far has really taken off, geometry nodes are getting in etc etc.

I did the upgrade at the beginning for eevee and had to force myself, at first it was extremely frustrating but for me there is no looking back. You will get used to the new ui it just takes time.
At the moment the only real drawback I can see is for modelling millions of poly’s in edit mode but that will get better and I do not do it anyway.

Blender and 3D in general will evolve beyond today’s expectations it would be a shame to get left behind, the longer you resist the harder it will be to catch up!

My opinion is it is worth it and will be more so in the future.
Good luck!

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I appreciate the advice and am preparing to sit down and bite the bullet, soon.