Update: Trapped + Pic of animation.

After i finished this tutorial :
(big thx to the author…:D)

i have been working on this little picture.

i call it: Trapped…

So there is a lot of work to do, nevertheless i hope you like it…
Everything was made with Blender…

C&C, as always, welcome…


lovely concept! Keep working on it, one tip i can give you is to look at the stance of the figure, his right leg and feet seem a bit weird

Keep up the good work!

I second red_xiii. The left leg is bending at a bad angle(the knee going one way, it looks like the ankle is broken ;)) But its a great concept, wiht work will look great.
Keep it up!

Big thx so far :D.
Now i will fix the leg and the foot, also the bending of the left elbow is not so good, i need to change this…

I don’t want to open a new thread so i post my pictures of a short ani here, because thats the same dude…^^
This is going to be a small animation, with the blender logo…