update w rig 'elephant soda' (WC)

the theme is ‘impossible’. ( the head will be bigger )
<edit> started on the mesh…

modelling nearly finished. now to hunt down some elephant pics for skin textures.

ok now the modelling really is done,…just a few triangles lol. really i don’t think they will misbehave though.

thats some fast progress, going to texture it like the low poly head? reminds me of the old tading cards wacky packages were they would goof on popular shopping items. there you go dude make it like a trading card like this.

It looks really good. Maybe you should give the trunk some twist, like in your origional drawing. Or are you going do do that later :slight_smile: ?


yep i’ll put an armature on the trunk. i love those crazy soup can cards. here’s a test render. no elephant texture yet.

lol Great modelling, Modron. I love the style, but the eyes are seriously creeping me out. lol

I find some elephant skins.


dude, you’re a saint! :slight_smile: thanks so much!

he now has nose bones.
<edit> and I pulled back the eyes somewhat also.

hehe, fantastic idea, it’s pretty funny too! :stuck_out_tongue: Great job on modeling too, though you could improve the ears… and the trunk or whatever that thing is called is not as open as a hose… It’s actually resembles a mouth at the end. Kind of like two lips. I mean, it doesn’t look like a mouth, but it’s not as open.


Great work :smiley: Could use some more detail, especially the ears. Hereis a reference for the ears:


cool now i have all my textures. i’ll use that one on the ears after i lighten it a bit. thanks!

Looks great, really funny idea too. I think the image needs a bit of movement though, an elephant squuezing out of a bottle is gonna be tight! And would almost explode, knocking the bottle over as he excitedly comes flying out!

Sorry if my crit is rubbish!! It’s my first ever criticism of a WIP so I had to start somewhere! Great modelling though as always.

its just a matter of searching google for elephant texture :smiley: :smiley:

thanks again man,…if you take a look in finished products you will see i applied it to the elephant. i wish i’d had a little more time to spend on the details but it worked really well.