[Update WINDOWS]shrinkwrap 08.06.02

Hi, like the 2 last year, I will try to do the compilation of some GSoC project.

If you have a missing DLL, just tell me, I do the compilation with VC2008 express.

For now : shrinkwrap.

Description (taken forom soc google) :

This project primarily aims at coding a shrinkwrap modifier. And some other modifiers/tools that can turn
shrinkwrapping more interesting.

A shrinkwrap modifier would allow an object to be “shrinked” to match/touch another object shape.
The modifier will work based on vertex groups allowing a part of a model to shrink or be projected
(with controllable distance) to another object in scene.

Examples of usage of a shrinkwrap modifier:

  • Shrinking a wristband or a belt until it fits the model
  • Attach cloth parts to models (no more manual pinning)
  • Projecting a cloth 2d plane over a model
  • Projecting a road-map over a terrain surface

Within this project other tools will be developed:
plane topology extraction from a 2d image
a modifier to allow a NURBS surface to be turned on a mesh

Other tools can be developed as more ideas can show up and based on available time
Download at : http://graphicall.org/builds/builds/showbuild.php?action=show&id=658

Awesome work.
good luck with the project.

anyone got a Linux buld, patch or patched source code plz?

i don’t get it? it’s a .7z file…to i have to download something to open it?

Edit// okay, i downloaded, but when i try to extract i get an error :frowning: o well :smiley:

here you go sammaron

To open a 7f file go to 7-zip.org.

A little test : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE3D70yjroQ

works pretty good, it could use some tweaks but it works

Hello new compilation :
Enabled EditMode on shrinkwrap modifier
Added culling on normal projection.

Download at : http://graphicall.org/builds/builds/showbuild.php?action=show&id=658

tested and works. Even for low poly. (indeed, can be super useful for game character clothes adapting to torso etc)

I have read no docs, not even this thread but seems easy to handle. (I guess I get into deep details when into a project, while keep seing basic handling of many features) .this is just a some seconds brute test of it with knowing nothing. I think can be super powerful. I had probs when the cloth is actual solid of two walls and even a termination in the sides, or when it’s bigger that the target to be projected on. But one could sew easily later the patches. Surely is as I havent even read basic doc, lol…sorry…Normals mode was easier for me. The other happened something with big triangles…

This is not how the plugin hanldes is how my crappy self could understood a few very first seconds before leaving to the street…

imo has loads of applications, top feature



a modifier to allow a NURBS surface to be turned on a mesh

I’m not quite sure I understand that one, can anybody elaborate? :slight_smile:

This is great for retopo. One sole problem : we can not apply the modifier when multires is active (that really suck and I don’t really get why…)
Where can we contact the programmer? I didn’t find any thread or anywhere to speak with him about it :frowning:

Ben63: The behavior of multires will change due to another GSOC project. It will be transformed into a modifier itself. This might solve possible issues with Multires and ShrinkWrap.

posting so i can find this later

This has saved me so much time, thanks!