(Pooba) #1

I’ve updated that other game I released a bit ago, i still don’t have a name, but i’ll figure one out eventually.

Download here

Tell me what you think!


(ectizen) #2

monstergame.zip seems broken for me. No apparent problems downloading, but

Did this work for anyone else?

(basse) #3

same msgs here.

zip is broken.


(Pooba) #4

Sorry about that, i guess i didn’t upload it all the way. Try it again…


(blengine) #5

looking good, a few things though:
its hard to see when the camera constantly goes inside the monster following me, lol…
hmm, alot of the mountains seem to have weird bl;ack scrtahces on them that act like static…probably because u have a double mesh of the same mountain in the same exact place =(
looking great otherwise…i died alot =)

(pofo) #6

Nice :smiley:

There’s a tree in a slope close to start that you can walk into and get stuck if you approach it from below. Perhaps hard to fix, I don’t know the game engine.

  1. pofo

(ectizen) #7

Cool camera work (except when I’m looking at the back teeth of that freaky thing following me).

Is there an objective? Is it to kill everyone? 'Cos I killed everyone! Me, the stalker, and that strange turtle thing. They all died! I killed them all! First I lured that creepy obsessive thing into the pit, then I pushed that shaved, headless anteater into the pit, then I jumped into the pit! DEAD! ALL DEAD, I TELL YOU! AHHHH!! thud

ectizen’s handlers wish to advise you that ectizen has to go away now, but will return when the sedatives wear off.