[Update3] Low Poly female character [Nudity]




Hi :smiley: first post in this forum, maybe i’ll get more answers than in the WIP one (not a critic)

This what i’m working on those days. The idea is to do a panther like female and pose her afterwards.
Any C&C are welcome.


Look good, but maybe give her bigger eyes and mouth. Should look more like young female.

Excellent model. Loops look perfect.

The thighs look a little cubish and the front of the lower leg looks a bit sharp. Maybe try and smooth them out a tad.

Shoulders may be a tad too wide as well? Might just be my eyes though.



Thanks for the crits. I modified the shape of the eyes but touch very lightly the mouth.

BgDM -> looked at the thighs and you’re right, they need more details to be well shaped as for the lower legs. The shoulders are fine (1 head proportion).

Tried to rigg and pose the model the way i want it to be and gave a try at lighting. It’s not yet what i expect but i’m still working on it. The skin shader is procedural with ramp shader on. When i’m more accurate, i’ll try UV mapping though i hate that…

any C&C still welcome…


T-pose shows that model is very good especially topology wise, some crits though :

  • hips and pelvis shape is a bit weird (top of hips may be to high)
  • breasts are too far apart
  • calves back are a bit wide in respect of top of leg

The pose is unnatural, because she would have to bend her spine in the wrong way

texture need some work, but good start

that said rest is excellent

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An update for that post.

Lukep :
I tuned the whole body to make it looks more like the base print model. Only the head remain as i want it to be.
I also worked on the skin shader (home-made) with a new hand-made skin texture. Still working on fine tuning the rigging and posing.


For the render, I used 1 sunlight at mid intensity, 1 spotlight on front-left, 1 spotlight on back-right and 2 lamps for light from the ground with specular disabled.

C&Cs still welcome. thx for comments till now :slight_smile:


Topology wise, very nice model.

However the breasts basicly look alike an add for silicon implants, scale them down a bit and move them closer together.

The “back arc” should be pushed out a little, the butt looks to much like a sphere.

The face needs to be smoothed off a little, in profile i think it looks great, but a face view it looks to sharp.

The handlebars(ears) are to sharp for my taste, soften and shorten.

I think your her breasts are to far off to the sides.

Also her shoulders may be to broad, matter of opinion I guess

I’m not the most knowledgeable person on the subject, but I would think that your model would be difficult to animate with as few loops as you have at the joints?

I ask because your reclining pose seems to have some problems with the joints creasing.

Thanks to all for the crits :smiley:

Here is the beginning of the end :lol (not final version yet)
The model is rigged and posed. There are minor defaults but it’s hidden.
I tried a compositing with the clouds and tweaked saturation and colors on post-process. The floor and model are rendered in Blender.


Waiting for your C&C, thx


I still think the breasts are too far apart, only other real crit I see is that the hair looks like dredlocks, not fine enough for true hair.

Some things you might try also, not really a crit, would be to do some DoF renders of her pre- postpro so that the water is blurred a bit behind her and in the forground. Might give it more impact.

Overall the colors seem a bit faded to me, would be nice to have more saturation.

It would be nice to see some expression in her face, perhaps a slight smile or is she angry?

looks nice. my crits: the pose looks very robotic, the material of her skin looks a bit like plastic (especially visible in her legs), her face is not that good (in terms of expression and looking “female”). other than that it looks pretty cool

New render with more saturation, remade hair, DoF (post-process) and the definitive 3D scene. I’m not looking for photorealism in this pic, but i tried to make an “airbrush painting” style (like Luis Royo). I think i nearly achieve this effect…
Though, I know there is still work to do… I’ll try to work on the expression and pose (though i don’t catch the robotic looking…). Thx for crits, as always…


big render here : 1280x960


Is this suppose to be a hermaphrodite ? If not give her some cheek bone and maybe a wider jaw line or cheeks

Her mouth seems slightly puckered. Maybe widen it a bit and don’t be afraid to give her a wider jaw. Also, it may just be me, but her breasts seem slightly far apart…unless she’s wearing a bustia (sp?) that lifts and seperates, move them slightly closer together. Very good though. I like the water and fog you’ve got going.

I think the two biggest things that make her look mannish are that her sternum points out at a large angle which makes her look like she has a large puffed-out chest and that her shoulders are pulled back with arms held out to her sides. A puffed-out chest with pulled back shoulders is a very masculine pose.

I agree with the other suggestions that her shoulders are too broad, (generally females’ shoulders aren’t much wider than their hips) and that the breasts point towards the side and are too high on her chest, which contributes to the masculine look.

You are right. Actually, I would say that hips could be slightly wider than the shoulders… that’s what I see on most young women.