Updated Android for Animation

(Xenor) #1

Updated picture of “Marvin”!!!

I changed the feet to something more like i had in mind at first, but they still arent too much like my concept art. I can post it if anybody wants to see it.

I might try texturing the more complicated (odd shaped) parts of the less complicated parts (head, torso, not arm or leg) using an unwrapping script i found (i forget what it’s called) - if that makes any sense.

C&C always welcome

(digitalSlav) #2

damn! your my friggin hero!! much love on the new feet! :stuck_out_tongue:

(BgDM) #3

Much better with the new feet. More fitting than the others you previously had. I like the lighting as well. Great job.

Awaiting more.


(locash) #4

The new feet are great. The old feet were the only weekness I saw in the earlier post.

(JoOngle) #5

Nice detailed work.

I’d love to see this one with chrome textures and some scratches all over, oil spills + some grease
if possible.

The android grab-hands are a bit weird to me (but maybe that’s just me) maybe it’ll look better
if you had some “finger-like” fingers now that your model is SO NICE otherwise.

Keep up the good work,


(rixtr66) #6

the modelling is well done,the lighting seems to work well!!
cant wait to see more


(valarking) #7

good, but i see you’ve used “set smooth” on fairly simple parts of it, and this can cause visual artifacts. try pressing “autosmooth” and then “set smooth”