Updated armature blend, linked proxy does not obey locks and groups

Hey guys! Maybe that was a mouthful of a topic but:

I’ve updated the armature’s blend file by adding a couple of new controls. When I go back to my animated shot where the armature has been linked and proxied, the new controls do not have correct Bone Groups or even Transform locks.

Any ideas why?

Ya when I created new armature as a controller it lost its function in Proxy. When you modify Armature like that some information doesn’t automatically pass to Proxy. You can always delete the Proxy and make a new one though. That works.

In most cases like this, it is a matter of whether the bones you added are on “protected” layers or not. Those not on protected layers don’t get automatically synchronised with the source file (if the source file changes in any way after you’ve made a proxy, those changes don’t get flushed to the proxies). However, when bones are on proxy protected layers, you will need to ensure that any properties you need to tweak for that proxy instance are keyframed, or else they will frequently get reset. Also, there used to be a few other issues with bones on proxy protected layers, though the worst of these should have been resolved by now I think.

Thanks Aligorith! That does the trick :slight_smile: