[UPDATED .bend]19 Billions of Polygons, not a ridiculous number anymore

(Eidolon) #21

Beyond technicism, very beautiful images!

(reC) #22

Please post you hardware specs :slight_smile:

(Aaron Symons) #23

Ohh, sorry. I over-looked that part. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll have to check out how to do that. Get some biggy scenes rocking away on my poor baby PC. Excellent! :smiley:

(kakachiex2) #24

I would like to see this much polygon count in blender viewports, softimage can handle this amount of polygonos and more in the viewport with the polygon core engine.

(krokodyl1220) #25

BTW. I hope you don’t mind if I use it as a wallpaper? :wink:

(Sanne) #26

Woah, stunning. It seems in the right hands everything is possible. Gorgeous images, really great work!

(Lell) #27

Impressive! How much instances are important for that RAM results? Did you set some setting in blender to use so low memory? Could re-make the test with different types of trees?

Thank you for the test!

(Agus3D) #28

Hi guys Thank you very much for your great responses, i upload the .blend file in the first post, so that will answer most of the questions!

I write a tiny script to weight automatically a vertex group to be used for the particle system for the density.
Yes the trees are pointing the normal of the surface, we always can make it better right!

I predict that with 4Gbytes you could put more than 500K instances or perhaps a lot more! you could easily break the trillion polygon barrier, If you are willing to wait for the label “copying transformation to the device” i wonder if that could be optimized, because when it start to build the BVH in make it in a fraction of that time.
Different tree? try yourself with the .blend file in the first post! And show us!

Also one thing i would like to be fixed is the ability to instance the whole mesh it its particle system, so we could instance the entire island thousands of times and have trillions of polygons with no cost!

(GraphiX) #29

Wow… Stunning…

(3dementia) #30

Benchmark test: 16.37.47 on an I7 950 @ 3.07Ghz with 12.0 GB ram
Using 32 bit latest build with bmesh from Graphicall.

Next I’ll test with GPU, have to update my drivers it seems.

(doublebishop) #31

Rendered in 3min 46 seconds on a GTX 580 =D

(Kemmler) #32

dang, F***king decent result there. I need to start making use of instances. I am working on a scene that already uses >7GB of ram when rendering. I had to upgrade from 3 to 12GB just to keep working on it. D:

(3dementia) #33

You beat me! Wow the GPU just tears through it. You can hear the poor thing crying in there though. For a second there, I thought the pc was going to levitate. :slight_smile:

Mem:132.01M (267.04M, peak 401.92M) Time: 04:13:69
on a GTX 480

Going to have to do a full res one at higher samples now. Thanks for my new wallpaper, and the .blend

I jumped on the GPU render bandwagon early with Octane, now it looks like Cycles is all grown up. :tear

(marcoG_ita) #34

03:20:54 on a GTX 570

(krixxuss) #35

Ive used instances before, but I have a question regarding the similarity with children in the particle system. Are children the same as instanced object, where as only the parent is loaded into memory and the children are copies? Or is it just completely different?

Could the particle system be used to produce results like this?

(m9105826) #36

A couple of questions:

1.) Is there something special you have to do to get instancing to work? I have tried with tree scenes in the past where I either had the trees as instances or the leaves on a tree and I never got the “applying transformations” message and my mem usage was always MUCH higher for smaller scenes.

  1. I’d love to hear an explanation for some of the material node trees. When I looked at the material for “Land” I just started drooling because my mind was overloaded instantly with all of the less thans and dot products.

(doublebishop) #37

It is using the particle system, using the Hair Subset, and replacing the hair folicals with objects inside a group

  1. you get the applying transformations message whenever you use particle systems, maybe your just not using as many particles? in this blend file he is using 30 x 1800 = 32000 instances… each instance takes up a bit of memory, but only its location / rotation / scale… the actual object information is only stored once. Your memory usage may have been from other things in your scene such as texture sizes / toher objects etc.etc.

(Aardvark1111) #38

Beautiful work.
03:41:79 on my i7 Windows 7 8GB with GTX 560 ti

(BenDansie) #39

I knew it.

<kaito> oohH!!hh!hh!!!19!BilliOBN!nnb!!

(reC) #40

Laptop Ci7 1.6->2.1 GHz 8GB ram Windows 7 64bit

CPU render time : 19:58:36 peak 407.79 M - no changes in settings

Static BVH + all bounce setting to 1 no caustics + sample as lamp in environment tab ! let’s see that rendered in linux !