UPDATED! Biped Animal

(Detritus) #1

Third update now! Sachel-problem fixed, added horns plus exterior ears. Antennas removed. Comments and critics are welcome!


(verylost) #2

its coming along very nicely… it should look very good when textured. are you going to animate it, because the pose it is in looks a little weird (arms hanging down).

(bgrav) #3

with textures that will be awesome! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(banana_sock) #4

it looks alot like a dinosaur to me, which isn’t neccessarily (sp?) a bad thing. It’s a great model, just doesn’t look that alienish to me…

(Detritus) #5

Thanks for all the comments! Yes it will be animated, it´s a kind of experiment with UV-maps and armatures to train my animation and texturing skills. Thansk again, and don´t forget to comment the updated version!

(EnV) #6

Very nice. The only thing, I think you should add some major wrinkles around joints of legs, arms and a few around mouth and eyes. Others wrinkles can be faked by textures, of course…


(Vigilante) #7

Those sachels on the back would fall off pretty easily, may I suggest moving one strap to in front of the beasts legs and one behind it.

(S68) #8


Coming up very nicely, I like the additional details, I agree that tail traps would fall off very easily


(Detritus) #9

Thanks for all the comments and suggestions! The sachel-problem is fixed in the new (third) version + a couple of horns and exterior ears added instead of useless antennas. Happy new year and stuff!